28 October 2013

Just in case.......

Have you seen.....Mum and I are having a little Giveaway over at the Pretty Fabrics and Trims blog, so make sure you pop on over if you would like to enter.  (Closes 9pm GMT Tuesday 29th October 2013)


  1. My fingers and toes are tightly crossed. Sue x

  2. HI Sarah
    Oh my goodness - what an amazing post ! You have achieved so much - you must be so proud of everything that you have done, so much hard work, and so many people receiving such gorgeous parcels through the post.How lovely to look back on it all and take stock. I think its always good to keep moving forward and to keep evolving - life would be very dull if we just did the same day in day out.
    Keep being creative - its so good for us !
    Kate x


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