26 November 2014

Christmas Crafting

Now for the record I do know that I should be spending any spare precious crafting time that I have working my way through my rather long homemade Christmas gifts list, but sometimes an idea pops in to my head and I just have to make it!

That is exactly what happened the other night.  I had been working on my Christmas Quilty Fun Blocks (ok so that's another project not on the To Do list.....but these blocks have been so much fun to make, so I think that's an acceptable excuse).....this by the way is what my over stuffed make shift design board currently looks like....

Anyway I digress, as I was merrily stitching away I decided that it would be rather sweet to make a Christmas Tree mini quilt to hang on my kitchen door over the festive season.

Having been inspired by Lori's block, I did some quick maths and reduced the block size pieces, which then enabled me to add on some extra branches.  With the addition of some pretty cotton lace, a little embroidery, some cotton ribbon and a few precious vintage mother of pearl buttons from my stash, this is what I can up with.......

One of my favourite buttons ever takes pride of place at the top!
The fabrics for both these projects are in the main a mix of Tilda's from collections old and new.  I know I've said it before, but one of the principle reasons why I love Tilda so much, is the fact that each collection works so coherently together.

It was also so lovely to do some embroidery again, it seems an age since I picked up some floss!
Whilst talking of Christmas crafting, I don't think I ever showed you the Christmas box I made using some of the squares from the Moda 'Winter Wonderland' panel.........
This is such a gorgeous panel and redwork designs are just so timeless don't you think?   

I loved this panel from the moment it arrived.  You could of course use it as a centre panel on a Christmas quilt, but I have had such fun cutting it up and using the sections separately.   In addition to the box, I've also been adding some embroidery to one of the little squares....I'm planning on hanging this once its finished on the front door on Christmas Eve....

Mum's also been having some stitchy fun using the little line of snowmen from the bottom of the panel  ......

I have plans to turn the remaining squares into Christmas mats, but that will be a last minute project, once I've worked my way through that list!
'A little happy' shop news......

If you fancy a little Christmas crafting, our Christmas Shop can be found here, to be fair it is a little depleted, but hooray.....bells and ribbons have been restocked and you can find the Winter Wonderland panel here.  All our pretty Tilda fabrics from collections old and new can be found here and finally would you believe it........Christmas Fabrics for 2015 have been ordered...how scary is that!   


  1. I love that Tree. I have been thinking about having a go at the quilting as you go technique which would work so well with that design. Happy Crafting Jo x

  2. wonderful Christmas tree panel!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  3. Oh you are so clever Sarah - such beautiful beautiful work. Your house is going to look so beautiful at Christmas, Kate xx

  4. Beautiful Christmas makes! I have all the bits and pieces ready to make a Christmas wall hanging but I just can't pluck up the courage to cut!

  5. Such a pretty tree to hang up year after year! And I do love you little embroidered embellishments...cxxx

  6. Your festive makes are so beautiful, I love your pretty tree with all it's lovely embellishments!
    Your neat embroidery is always a pleasure to see too.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  7. All so lovely Sarah....definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!
    xx Shari

  8. I just love your Christmas tree hanging. It occurs to me (I'm a bit dense, I realise...) that a quilted object doesn't have to be a huge quilt for a bed, but can be something as simple and beautiful as this, which makes it seem a lot more achievable. I am often daunted my the sheer size and scale of bed quilts, but this looks doable. Having said that, I really need to crack on with my Christmas gifts or at this rate they just wont be ready. x

  9. Your tree is so cute! I love the subtle colours. And you definitely can't beat red and white as a perfect colour combination for Christmas
    Caz xx

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