30 April 2013

School Cake Bake

This week I was asked to bake a cake for a school charity cake stand.  9 times out of 10 I always try to send something in.  Normally my charity cakes of choice are cupcakes or brownies, so that can be sold idividually, which has potential to raise more money.  I was a little up against it time wise, so I opted for a lemon cake, which I had all the ingredients (bar the lemons!).   This receipe is one of my favourites and is by Rachel Allen.  I have most of her books and find them really easy to follow.  I love watching her on TV, she really does come across as a mum who cooks.

The recipe is a simple Lemon Maderia cake, you can find the orange version HERE and all I did was switch the oranges for lemons.  Rather than making an icing, I mixed caster sugar, with the juice of the lemons and it drizzeled over the warm cake, which I had pricked first.  When cold the drizzle sets and has a nice crunch to it.  As you can see from the pictures, I use precut cake tin liners, a definate time saver, mine came from HERE

 The fabulous thing with this cake is that it keeps extremely well for a good couple of days and improves with age, although I must confess cakes are normally eaten pretty quickly in our house!

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