26 July 2014

Saturday Shop News and a bit of this and a bit of that......

Now I know I say this every week, but we took delivery of possibly one of the prettiest ever fabric collections.  We were extremely lucky to get hold of some Ballet Rose by P & B Textiles, I love everything about this collection .... pretty posies, roses and ticking stripes.... and the colours are so delicate, the palest of pink, ice blue and a lovely pale green.....think sugar almonds at a summer wedding.....can you tell I love it very much!!

On the trims front, we added to our massive collection of ribbons.....this time simple plain grosgrain in a rainbow of colours....... I'm really loving the bottom two rows, which makes me think of hot summer evenings!

Behind the scenes, the summer holidays have arrived..... and so the juggling of being mum, business owner, crafter and blogger begins..... it's all good fun though!  The end of term also triggered a frenzy of teacher gift making.  I found a great tutorial for a quick and easy pencil case and put my scraps to good use.  Jamie chose the bright pink yellow and aqua combination for his teacher and Poppy went for the navy, red, green and pink mix..... I love them both for different reasons.  Jamie's combination bought back memories of buntings past and Poppy's fabrics well there some of our best sellers for Pretty Fabrics and Trims.  There's a bit of Vintage Happy, Country Girls, Little Red Riding Hood and of course Sevenberry pin dots!  I love have you can miss and match from all different collections.

For the Teaching Assistants I rustled up some little tissue covers using the bright and cheery Flower Sugar mixed with the lovely Sevenberry stripe in red (I can not tell you how useful these stripes and dots are!)

Poppy and I had great fun wrapping them using these free printables, I've started a board on Pinterest where I'm pinning all my favourites....let me know if you've found any good ones!!

The usual round of birthday parties continued.......my children both have the most amazing social calendar!  I made another pencil case as a gift which I filled with felt tips and other brightly coloured bits and bobs.....

I then remembered that I had some colourful alphabet beads so added these to the zipper, it was rather last minute so I'm hoping that they do not get pulled off by a zealous 6year old...eeeek!! 
I also found time over a cup of tea to do a little surfing......we have plans to decorate our kitchen this summer and I'm thinking a colour scheme of off whites, grey, pale blue...so I couldn't resist when spotting a sale bargain,  treating myself to this so so soft yarn.....I'm thinking another granny square blanket but simply made using alternate rows of the two colours...... I will show self control though and not start it until I have at least finished my other crochet wip!!  

As if I didn't have enough on my plate I was happily on Instagram this week, when one of my favourite bloggers popped up with a happy little tutorial and invited people to quilt a long...well I couldn't say no....... out came my Tilda scraps, of which I have a ton, and after a couple of  evenings of cutting, chain sewing and a little more sewing..... 
I have a quilt top ready to be basted and quilted....
So that's it for this week and I've just realised that I haven't taken any pictures or told you about the dress I've made for my brothers wedding....oh well I'll save that for another day!

Thanks as always for visiting and I hope that you'll bare with me over the holidays if my blogging becomes a little slower than usual.  I am however still posting daily on both Facebook and Instagram (which I just love!) and when I get the hang of it Twitter.....but it has to be said I am far to wordy for tweeting!!

20 July 2014

Saturday (ish) Shop News

Whoops, sorry a day late this week, I lost myself making pencil cases and teachers gifts yesterday, but more of that another day........ So with a further ado I'll crack on with shop news and there are some real pretties to share!

First to arrive this week were some delicious polka dots from Lecien, these candy coloured delights are an absolute must for any stash........

  oh and look how pretty they look with the Old New 30's........
and Flower Sugar........
 and even Tilda.....
Next to arrive another new collection from Art Gallery Fabrics.  This stunning collection is called Emmy Grace and is simply beautiful, from the range of colours used to the pretty delicate designs.  Find it here.
Finally on the fabric front, we had another stunning collection of 30's reproduction prints arrive.  Designed by Exclusively Quilters, they have the most lovely feel and drape to them and just clarify, they are of course suitable for all manners of sewing and not just quilts!
There are four designs within the collection with each design available in either yellow, blue, pink or lilac.  This is a limited edition collection so it is unlikely that we'll be able to get extra stock, so grab it whilst you can!  Find it here.....

We do love buttons and couldn't resist these GINORMOUS flower buttons, they really are huge (63mm) and would make the most statement on a bag, cardi or even as a brooch....they also come in a smaller size too.....

and as I started with a polka dot theme I thought I would end with one.......namely polka dot heart buttons, are they not just the sweetest...... find them here
So that's it for this week, I hope that you're having a lovely weekend.....back soon, I have some Ta Dah moments to share!

16 July 2014

A little happy tutorial ~ How I back my Embroidery Hoops

It's been a while since I shared an embroidery tutorial, but I've been asked a couple of times in the last week how I back my embroidery hoops.  Over the years I've tried different methods, but this my tried and trusted way, so I thought I would share.......

Before you start your hoop art, trace using a soft leaded pencil or fabric pen the inner hoop’s contour onto a piece of felt, then cut out.

Once you've finished your embroidery, turn the hoop over and trim the excess fabric 1” ( 2 ½ cm) away from the hoop edge.

Using embroidery thread or something similar, starting at the top, stitch a row of running stitch around the seam allowance, ensuring that you leave a long tail at the beginning.

Once you’ve stitched the full circle, take the thread ends and pull them together to gather the fabric. Knot the thread in place to secure the pleats.  I have at time left my hoops like this, however when gifting them I always do the following.......

To neatly finish the back of your hoop, take the circle of felt you prepared earlier and Whip Stitch in co-ordinating coloured embroidery thread the felt circle to the gathered linen below.

Ta Dah.......that’s it the back of your hoop is all lovely and neat. Hang in place, stand back, admire and enjoy!!!

In case you're interested, the piece I backed was my Autumn Leaves Hoop, which you can read all about HERE.

12 July 2014

Saturday Shop News

Wow isn't this time of year full on, so much going on in addition to the usual after school clubs....there's been sports days, award nights, school plays, school trips....plus we've also been visiting future upper schools for Jamie.....oh decisions decisions!!  Away from school business, I've been rather happy to immerse myself in the world of Pretty Fabrics and Trims and oh my...what a week for new deliveries....there's been some corkers!!

Early this week though Mum and I got busy putting together some new bundles for the website.  You can now choose from a rainbow of 30's reproduction bundles..... 
Plus we freshened up our Tilda Bundle selection..... all can be found HERE and are available in a choice of sizes so that you can pick just the right amount for your project.
Now moving on to this weeks new arrivals....who would have thought you could get quite so excited by a stack of cardboard boxes!!!

Inside one, was yet more Lecien Flower Sugar to compliment our existing collection.  I spotted this new range on the many quilt market photo's that were whizzing around and was thrilled when our rep came to visit with samples.  Lecien have introduced some new colours to the range for Spring 2014, a lovely teal, always a winner and rather surprisingly a zesty orange.  There is the addition also of some pretty apple prints which are absolutely gorgeous!  Flower Sugar has long been a personal favourite of mine and I think is set to continue being for the foreseeable future!  Find it HERE.

Next up is Petite Fleur by Carolyn Gavin for Windham Fabrics.  The designs feature whimsical wild flowers, little birds and swallows, illustrated very much with a folksy feel.... oh and colour palette is just gorgeous!  It is also worth mentioning that it is 100% GOTS certified Organic cotton.  Find it HERE.

We also did some restocks of the popular Michael Miller Norwegian Woods, plus added some blenders....I have to say the jewel tones in this collection are stunning and I think this collection will be extremely popular this Autumn.

Another new and rather fun fabric is Gay Paree, also by Michael Miller.  Look how perfect those blenders compliment it.  Oh and if you're a fan on Navy, our Sevenberry Polka Dots, Pin Dots and Stripes look fabulous with this also.
 Finally just to let you know we have our super popular Tilda Scrap Bags available and a new addition......
 Sevenberry Scrap Bags...grab them while you can!
Right that's it for this week.  I'm off to make teacher thank you gifts, however with it being so lovely and sunny I am very tempted to have a sit in the garden with my crochet.  I hope that you all have a great weekend!

5 July 2014

Saturday Shop News

I'm starting this weeks shop news with possibly the most appropriately named collection ever..........
Hootie Tootie Cutie.......how sweet is that!  Featuring small scale owls (each one is just 3cm high) and the most luscious colour scheme including Pantone's colour of the year Radiant Orchid.  Poppy has a friends birthday coming up soon and it's crossed my mind how lovely the blue owl and one of the speckles blender fabrics would be for a pencil case.  Obviously I have hidden them out of sight so that Poppy doesn't get any ideas for a new dress, skirt or shorts.... but secretly I'm thinking, oh yes let me at them! 

With being away last week, I forgot to share this lovely selection of 1930's fabrics.  Called 'Storybook Classics' by Windham Fabrics you'll find some characters from some of your childhood bedtime stories..... Alice in Winderland, Three Little Bears, Old Mother Hubbard....including her dog who has a fabric dedicated all to himself called 'Give a dog a bone' plus trademark 30's florals..... it goes without saying that  I love love love these!!! Designed by Whistler Studio's they co-ordinate perfectly with 'Storybook Playtime' and indeed all our 30's repro fabrics.

On the pretty trims front, we had some really sweet new ones arrive from Berisfords, plus some lovely rustic stitched ribbons..... we do love ribbons and now have in the region of 500 different ribbons available! 

Back to fabric, we had our first delivery of Moda fabric this week, with more collections due in the coming months.  This one is called Winter Wonderland and it's a bit of a favourite of mine as I used it for my Jolly Mini Quilt that I designed for Fat Quarterly.  
 The collection includes a lovely panel, which could make the most lovely centre of a festive quilt or as I've got planned cut up and used individually for a variety of smaller projects....watch this space!

The first of our Christmas ribbons arrived this week, the green and red Holly and Ivy design were extremely popular last year, so we added the grey version along with 3 other co-ordinating designs. 

That's it for this week, I hope that you have a lovely crafty weekend and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my previous posts, I really do appreciate them!

3 July 2014


This cushion makes me feel happy...... it may have taken me ages, I started it way back HERE.....and that burst of happiness I felt when I started, continued throughout every little stitch...... and continued right up to the moment when I slipped on the cover and plumped up the inner.  My only regret, I did't learn to crochet years ago....but thank goodness I can now....all be it very slowly! 

Edited to add: I've just seen that Drops Muskat I used is on offer HERE.

....and just to let you know, over at Pretty Fabrics and Trims.......