13 August 2014

Love is all you need......

Last week was all about my brothers wedding, it was without doubt, apart from own, the most emotional wedding that I have ever been too..... I laughed, I cried but most of all I felt such a feeling of joy that they they had found each other......  
It was very much a homemade wedding, Leigh and Paul spent hours working on all the finishing touches, Mum made metres and metres of bunting and table runners and I made the cake (don't look to close!).  I very last minute made my dress, I used my favourite pattern and after deciding it was a little too short added a frill.   Poppy looked gorgeous in her dress and she did lots of twirling, so I think it was a success!

So after a completely amazing day, most sensible people would have had a quiet day after, but no not Mum and I, we boarded a coach at 7.45am and headed off to the NEC for the Festival of Quilts.  Now I would like to say that I have lots of photo's to share, but to be honest I failed on the blogging front as I forgot to take both my Ipad and camera....doh!!!  It was however brilliant....there were so many beautiful quilts on show, so inspiring.  If your on Instagram, pop in the hashtag #foq and you'll be able to get a taste.

On the shopping front I was very restrained, I did however finally get my hands on a copy of Quilty Fun by Lori Holt, which as regular readers will no is one of my favourite bloggers.

On Sunday I couldn't resist making a little project from the book and pulled some of my favourite 30's florals, plus a little Tilda and made the bee block, which I turned in to a little mini quilt, with the addition of some pretty lace and flower wooden buttons......
On the back I added some little pockets at the top corners so that a dowel can be inserted for hanging.  The pretty yellow fabric is some vintage Laura Ashley which use to be curtains in my first flat 20 plus years ago.....I'm a terrible hoarder when it comes to fabric!

So I think that's me all caught up, but just to let you know we're off on our summer holidays on Friday for two weeks, so if you're planning on purchasing a parcel full of loveliness from the website and would like it sent before you go, we'll be packing right up until mid afternoon tomorrow.

See you soon!
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