26 July 2014

A bit of this and a bit of that......

The summer holidays have arrived..... and so the juggling of being mum, business owner, crafter and blogger begins..... it's all good fun though!  The end of term also triggered a frenzy of teacher gift making.  I found a great tutorial for a quick and easy pencil case and put my scraps to good use.  Jamie chose the bright pink yellow and aqua combination for his teacher and Poppy went for the navy, red, green and pink mix..... I love them both for different reasons. 

For the Teaching Assistants I rustled up some little tissue covers using the bright and cheery Flower Sugar mixed with the lovely Sevenberry stripe in red (I can not tell you how useful these stripes and dots are!)

Poppy and I had great fun wrapping them using these free printables, I've started a board on Pinterest where I'm pinning all my favourites....let me know if you've found any good ones!!

The usual round of birthday parties continued.......my children both have the most amazing social calendar!  I made another pencil case as a gift which I filled with felt tips and other brightly coloured bits and bobs.....

I then remembered that I had some colourful alphabet beads so added these to the zipper, it was rather last minute so I'm hoping that they do not get pulled off by a zealous 6year old...eeeek!! 
I also found time over a cup of tea to do a little surfing......we have plans to decorate our kitchen this summer and I'm thinking a colour scheme of off whites, grey, pale blue...so I couldn't resist when spotting a sale bargain,  treating myself to this so so soft yarn.....I'm thinking another granny square blanket but simply made using alternate rows of the two colours...... I will show self control though and not start it until I have at least finished my other crochet wip!!  

As if I didn't have enough on my plate I was happily on Instagram this week, when one of my favourite bloggers popped up with a happy little tutorial and invited people to quilt a long...well I couldn't say no....... out came my Tilda scraps, of which I have a ton, and after a couple of  evenings of cutting, chain sewing and a little more sewing..... 
I have a quilt top ready to be basted and quilted....
So that's it for this week and I've just realised that I haven't taken any pictures or told you about the dress I've made for my brothers wedding....oh well I'll save that for another day!

Thanks as always for visiting and I hope that you'll bare with me over the holidays if my blogging becomes a little slower than usual.  I am however still posting daily on both Facebook and Instagram (which I just love!) and when I get the hang of it Twitter.....but it has to be said I am far to wordy for tweeting!!



  1. Wow!! I don't know how you manage to rustle up so many beautiful gifts! It would take me an age to make them and they'd look a sight when finished. Your quilt top is lovely - again done so quickly. I couldn't even dream of making a patchwork quilt so quickly. I love the yarn you've bought. I've been looking at it and wondering what it's like in reality (none of my local wool shops store it so I'd have to buy it online). I'm glad to hear it is so soft. I might just have to buy some myself!

  2. What lovely gifts, and so beautifully wrapped too!! xx

  3. Gosh you have been so busy Sarah, and what beautiful gifts you made - I love them all, and I'm sure
    'Riley' will be so delighted with her name in lovely colourful beads, a sweet touch! Your new yarn's colours are so pretty and relaxing, and your Tilda scraps are making up into a beautiful quilt. You really are so professional in all you do Sarah - I congratulate you! xoJoy

  4. So much things..
    The fabric is always beautiful, and I have to say it is my favourite this time.. it makes me think of Cath Kidston things. So feminine and so sweet.
    I like the colours of this quilt too.
    Lot of ideas this time..

  5. I love the ballet rose fabrics, they are so pretty! And you have made some gorgeous things, Sarah! All those beautiful gifts are sure to be treasured. Love the subtle colours of your new yarn and quilt too.
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  6. The new fabrics look so summery and fresh! You must be anxious to do a little sewing with every bundle that comes through your door. Love the pencil cases & tissue cases ... I'll bet there were some very happy teachers & assistances on the last day of school. I'm actually quite glad that I no longer have to think up gifts for teachers any more. It was fun while it lasted though ;) What a pretty quilt top you've done in your spare time?!!! How do you manage all this stuff?! I was thinking as I read this that I'd be lucky if I could make a quilt top through the entire summer! You must be super organized. Have a great week Sarah, and I look forward to seeing this new dress :) Wendy x

  7. You're posts are always so chock full of prettiness! The fabrics are sooo pretty, and the gifts you made are just perfect - I particularly like the tissue packet covers, I'm going to keep that in mind for future gifts and stocking stuffers! I'm like you, trying to cram it all in during the hols, but it's all "happy stress" to me! Chrissie xxx

  8. Thanks for the pencil case link, I need a make up bag too so I guess I need three - one for me and two for the girls! You are making some lovely things. Jo x


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