10 June 2013

A country walk

After such a busy week spent getting ready for the website launch, this weekend I was pretty shattered.  Saturday was a nightmare, the children argued nearly all day, which was extremely draining and I think probably caused by their frustration of me spending very little time with them during the week.  It was not a good day.  Andy and I talked and decided that yesterday was going to be a family day, a happy day.  In the morning the kids played in the garden and put on a circus show, which generally involved teddies been thrown through hoops, juggling balls (well one ball!) and tricks on the trampoline.  We had a picnic lunch and then decided to go for walk in the back fields.
We hadn't intended on being out for long nor going too far, hence the inappropriate choice of footwear!  However, it was so lovely we just kept going to see where we ended up.  It was beautiful, there were so many views to take pictures of and the wild flowers so pretty.  The children ran and ran, they played hide and seek and were generally free spirits, it was fabulous.   We played pooh sticks in the brook and we all laughed, chattered and just enjoyed being together.  It was indeed a perfect day.
See you soon,



  1. Beautiful pictures my darling! your walk looked lovely xxxx

    1. Thank you Rachel, it was fab and we were so lucky with the weather.... where has the sun gone now!! I hope you are well!! Sarah xo


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