19 June 2013

You are my Sunshine

I remember many late nights in the darkness spent cradling both my children as babies and humming this to them.  At the time, I was so tired and all I wanted was some sleep, but now I look back, they were indeed precious moments to be treasured.

I have sketched this many times and thoroughly enjoyed stitching the finished design.  The colours I chose were inspired by my personal stash of reproduction 1930's feed sack designs, they are so pretty.  I have turned my embroidery into a mini quilt, which I intend on hanging on my landing surrounded by photo's of my family and closest friends, all who are dear to me.  It would however look loved framed in a hoop.

As always, the pattern can be sewn in your favourite colours and stitches, but here are some close ups of what I chose to do....

For the writing, I used my favourite Back Stitch in a dark pumpkin shade.   Personally, I think it's important to use quite a strong shade for the lettering so that it stands out.  I also used Back Stitch to outline the yellow flowers, then using a slightly paler shade of yellow, I added a mass of Straight Stitches at their centres. 

The yellow flower at the top of the design has it petals filled with Long and Short Stitches, basically a mix of Straight Stitches varying in two lengths...long and short.  It's the first time I've used this stitch and I like the texture that it gives, but I think my technique needs a little work.  I added French Knots at its centre in a pale pumpkin, with the darker pumpkin for three French Knots right in the middle.  The butterfly is a combination of Satin Stitch, Straight Stitches and French Knots.

For the smaller flowers and the trailing leaves throughout the design I used Lazy Daisy Stitches, I think these are so sweet!   You will see that I included little splashes of red, not too much, but just enough to add depth to the scheme.

The little yellow flowers were an experiment and I think I'm happy with the result.  First off I outlined the shape using Back Stitch.  Then I filled the petals using Satin Stitch, leaving the centre unstitched.  I then added Straight Stitches to form a star.

Now this flower I think has to be my favourite and yes it did take me quite a while, the whole duration of Disney Atlantis to be precise, but is their nothing more stunning that a mass of French Knots?  Make sure you take a peek at my tutorial for how I stitch French Knots, it's a little different to the text book way, but I'm thrilled with the end result.    

So there we go, that's what I did, but there are no rules, because that for me, that is the joy of embroidery.  The pattern is available HERE and my Etsy shop HERE and is ready for you to add your own personality to it.  If you do however want to recreate my version, I have included details of the thread colours that I used, plus a little guide on how to do some of my favourite stitches.

Finally I had to share the view from where I am currently sat.  The yellow rape is being replaced by a sea of red poppies, I am sure that I can see new ones opening as we speak.  It is a joyous site, but also one for reflection, I believe.

See you soon!


  1. Wow!! this is so beautiful! It looks amazing as a mini quilt, just gorgeous! I recently did my first little bit of embroidery in 15 years as an entry to Le Challenge http://le-challenge.blogspot.co.uk/ and enjoyed it so much. Embroidery is definately going back on my list of favourite/regular crafts! I have just found your blog, via your facebook page and will certainly be coming back to visit you soon!
    love from Karen at Henry's Shed x

  2. Thank you Karen, I shall be popping over to have a look a the link, thank you! Yes I know what you mean, I have always loved embroidery. I am loving how things have turned out with my Grand Plan, which now enable me to spend so much time with a needle and thread in my hand! Thank you once again for visiting and I hope that you will enjoy popping by my blog often! Sarah xo

  3. I can't seem to find the pattern for this, is it now unavailable?

  4. I would also love to be able to get this pattern. It is exactly what I have been looking for.


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