5 July 2013

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday morning I sat and did a little sketch.  I do this quite often when the children have left for school.  I like to sit down in the peace and quiet, have a cup of tea, some breakfast, plan my day and start with a bit of creativity.  The little whimsical toadstool house is one of my favourites that I return to often.  It originated a couple of years ago and quickly became a Little Kitten Homemade favourite.  Here are few photo's from the archives.......

Last year, I was thrilled to also have it included in Handmade Decor...
Of course I couldn't resist stitching another version.......

I used some of my favourite natural linen, it's not the easiest fabric to stitch, because of the texture and open irregular weave, but I love that whatever fabric or colours you put with it, they always look fantastic.

The embroidery stitches I used were Back Stitch, Straight Stitch, Lazy Daisies, Satin Stitch and French Knots

For the toadstool, I used some of my super wool felt.  The red felt was sewn using Blanket Stitch, alternatively Back Stitch, Straight Stitch or Whip Stitch would also be very effective and I used a combination of Back Stitch and Running Stitch for the remainder of the appliques.

It was inevitable, that I would have to stitch another ....for this version I used some more of my beautiful white cotton vintage sheet.  I can not describe how soft this cotton is, although in comparison to the linen, the weave is so tight, once in the hoop, you can hear me make every little tiny stitch.

This design is available to purchase here and here and also includes templates, should you wish to applique the toadstool.

To finish, here is the current view from my window....




Is it the most amazing sight and I find myself spending far to long gazing at it rather than working! 

On that note I must dash, something rather exciting has arrived in the post today, so I must get cracking, so that I can share it with you in my next post.


  1. Dear Sarah, once again wonderful stitching.I love your view, I really love poppies.
    Have a nice and sunny weekend
    Erna x

  2. Thank you Erna, the weather is hopefully going to be sunny for us this weekend, fingers crossed. I too love Poppy's and have a little Poppy all of my own ( my daughter) I hope that you have a lovely sunny and happy weekend too!! Sarah xo


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