7 August 2013

Be thankful, always.....



Sometimes it the smallest things that bring a smile to your face, for example watching the bees and butterflies in the garden, or knowing that some little bugs are nice and cosy in the bug house they have made their home or gathering and sowing seeds, my favourite job in the garden. Or when for no reason the children just come and give you a cuddle or tell you that they love you.  Or when as I did this week, walked in to our living room and found a tea party in full swing or when I peeked through the window and saw the children very industriously cleaning their skateboards.  It's the little things like these that make up for all those not so nice times...... you could be forgiven when reading my blog for believing that I live in a perfect house, with a perfect family, with a perfect job and we are all perfectly happy at all times..... if only.... wouldn't that be..... perfect?

As a parent you do everything you can to protect your children, to make them grow up feeling happy and safe, learning and discovering, knowing right from wrong, maybe at times you create a bubble which sadly from time to time bursts and they discover that life isn't perfect, which this week, my son has found out.  The reality is that not all houses and families have the same rules and that is absolutely fine.  Our family rules mean saying NO to him going out to play at 9pm when some friends came to call,  which has subsequently resulted in him being teased and ridiculed.  He had no problem with this because naturally he was tired, he is after all just 9 himself.  It has however caused him great upset that his 'friends' could be so horrid.  What can you, and do you say to make it better, when quite honestly all you actually want to do is to go and knock on the parents door and ask them what do they think they are doing letting their children roam free at that time of night...do they not watch the news???  Then you step back and think, maybe I am being over protective, I think back to my childhood, I was certainly out playing with friends at an earlier age than I let my son out, but it has to be said, certainly not at that time of night.  But sadly things are different now, or maybe because of news coverage, we know so much more.... I have come to the conclusion that all you can do is do what you think is best and best for us is sticking to our family rules, which mean that I get to sleep at night (mostly) and know that whilst I have some control, my young family is safe and sound.  It is fair to say I think the teenage years are going to be a challenge.

It was rather apt that I had sketched this design, just the day before, I hope that this sentiment will mean something to you too. .......... 

and here's the finished embroidery, with the addition of a few extra flowers.  I love the cheerful colours, this bright colourful scheme is fast becoming my favourite. 

I used just three stitches, Back Stitch, French Knots and Lazy Daisies, which were sewn with Pearl 8 cottons.  I think another alternative would be to stitch these leaves using Satin Stitch, I wonder what you will choose to do?

As always, I love the texture the French Knots add to the embroidery.


My favourite part of the design is the little clusters of French Knots on the whispy green stems.  I used two shades of turquoise and the effect is so pretty, I shall definately be incorporating this into future designs.

The PDF pattern is now available HERE and HERE.  I am also accepting a limited number of commissions per month for completed hoops, which can be for any of my existing embroidery patterns or for completely custom embroidery hoop design.  Please do get in touch if you would like to have a chat.  I'm also stitching as and when a few 'ready to go' designs, I'll let you know when these are completed.  In addition I am looking into having a embroidery supplies section on my website, I would love to hear if this would be of interest to you and if so, what you would like it to have in stock.  Whilst chatting, just to let you know, for the time being Little Kitten Homemade is on hold, whilst I continue to grow Sarah Edgar Designs and Pretty Fabrics and Trims.

Anyway on another happy note, we're off on holiday on Friday...whoop whoop!!!  I can not wait.  I will be taking some embroidery with me, I would lost with idle hands.  I am also taking something new, something that has been on my to do list for ages, but more of that in the next few days, to say I am excited, would be a HUGE understatement!!

I hope you're all having a lovely week.


  1. Oh Sarah, I understand completely. It is so hard, we have had the same problem with our daughter and rules. Fortunately she is very sensible and able to understand when we explain WHY we have certain rules. You just have to stay strong and do what is right for you and your babies.
    Beautiful embroidery! I think having embroidery supplies in your shop is a fab idea, then people can buy everything they need to stitch your gorgeous designs in one place!
    Enjoy your holiday, I look forward to seeing your new project when you return!!
    x x

    1. Thank you Karen, it's so hard when you see them upset, but you have to stand your ground, don't you. Thank you for your feedback about the supplies, that was my kind of thinking too. You will LOVE my holiday project, right up your street, although it's something I've never done before, so I'm not sure how it is going to go, but excited all the same. Sarah xo

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Am looking forward to receiving my parcel of loveliness - ordered last night! Also, what embroidery threads do you use, they look quite thick to the 2 - 3 strands of Anchor I use.

    Hope you and your family have a fab holiday.
    Kind Regards
    Mandy Gillespie xx

    1. Hi Mandy, thank you so much, you parcel is on its way!! I'm having a love affair with Pearl cottons at the moment and yes they are thicker than 2/3 strands. I love how neat they look when you stitch with them. They're part of what I am hoping to stock on my website when I get back from holiday....watch this space xo

  3. i love your work sarah. i am so happy i found your blog...

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I'm glad you are here too!! xo

  4. It is indeed the simple things in life that make us happiest. Beautiful stitches thanks for popping by at mine ~ Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah, just how lucky were you with that gorgeous parcel!! xo


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