30 September 2013

Cutting and stitching

Well last week was the busiest ever for Pretty Fabrics and Trims, thank you so much, which meant that Mum and I spent most of our time cutting fabric, lace and ribbons, counting out buttons and wrapping lots of parcels.   We also found time to order some new stock, the best bit ever I must say, but more of that later this week.

At home, Jamie is still poorly, his nasty cough actually turned out to be a touch of bronchitis and tonsillitis and he spent most of his week lying on the sofa.  By the time the weekend came, we were all desperate for some outside space and set off for lakeside walk, although when we got back Jamie had to lay for two hours to recover.  We had hoped to pick brambles, but they were not quite ready, but we did come home with a bag full of rose hips, which I intend on making into rose hip jelly.  I read that they are better after a frost, so if you put them in the freezer, this will help.....having never tasted rose hip jelly, I am not sure if this true, but I'll let you know how I get on.  Any advice would be welcome.

On a crafty front I did find some time to work on my latest embroidery, but I'm afraid I didn't get much further forward with the pattern for Tilly and her Toadstool, if anyone has any tips for how to find a few extra hours in the day, these would also be gratefully received.  You would be surprised to hear then, that on Friday evening instead of doing a spot of embroidery, crochet or felt work, I decided to add another project to the already long list and set too cutting up fabric for a patchwork quilt.  Now, it has to be said, I really didn't intend to then spend every spare moment over the weekend sewing, but once I started, I really.... honestly.... could not stop, but look, did you see, I am now the owner of a rather gorgeous, if I say so myself, snuggly lap quilt.

Historically, my previous quilts have all be sewn entirely by hand.  I think apart from Hexie's I am now a total convert, machine piercing is definitely the way forward from here on in.

The fabrics I used were from my Tilda stash, different ones from at least four of her collections, but that is why I love Tilda so much, the way you can mix and match.  The backing and the binding fabrics are by Stof and being extra wide, were a perfect choice.   I love how the colours work so well with the Tilda's and I must say out of all of it, the stripey binding is my favourite part of the quilt.   I've taken some step by step photo's of what I did which I'll share with you, fingers crossed in the next day or two.

As you can see a certain young man has today snaffled my quilt, but I'll make allowances for now until he is feeling on top form again, and then it will be mine, all mine (evil laugh!!)

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend too!


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