9 November 2013

This week.....

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments on my last post, I really do appreciate them.  I am so happy with my new creative journey and have so many ideas that I hope to put into fruition in the next few weeks and months, which I hope that you will enjoy sharing with me.

As always it's been a busy week, which has mostly been spent wrapping lots of parcels full of pretty fabrics and trims, it's always lovely to pick the items chosen by our customers and admire the pretty combinations.  Wrapping the orders is something that we take lots of time and care doing, we appreciate each and every order and try to show this in the care and attention we put in to wrapping each and every parcel full of loveliness.

My week would of course not be complete without creativity, my priority this week was to complete my final custom order for this year...I really enjoyed working with the combination of felt and embroidery and the pretty colour scheme as always made me happy.

Talking of pretty colours, I finally took delivery of a gorgeous selection of Anchor Perle No8 cottons..

I've also started crafting for Poppy's birthday next month.  As well as making her present, which is a little set of felt dolls (I'm using the cutest pattern I got here), lots of little clothes and a bed/bag for them, I'm also planning on making as much as possible for her party bags.  These little felt bows are going to become hair clips for the party bags. 3 done, quite a few more to go.  I quite fancy a larger version as a brooch for myself( she says adding it to the growing 'To Do' list).

Yesterday, I did a little patchwork as a test run of something I'm going to be starting shortly,  When I say little, I really do mean little, the centre of this block is just 6" square, I found it quite a challenge and I became very good friends with my seam ripper......but more of this next time.

Finally, earlier in the week, I wrote a festive bunting tutorial for the Pretty Fabrics and Trims Blog, in it I've shared quite a few of my bunting top tips.

Right that's it, we're off to measure out the fruit for the Christmas Cake.....I've been planning on making for a couple of weeks now.  I hope that you have a good weekend what ever you are up to.


  1. Hi Sarah
    Oh my gosh - I want to come to the party too ! what a lovely Mummy you are - the felt dolls are utterly adorable and I so want a party bag. Clever you, so much fun.
    Kate x

  2. Hi Kate, tee hee....I'm not sure who enjoys it the most Poppy or me. Have a lovely Sunday! Sarah xo

  3. I like your idea for handmade hair clips for the party - I'm thinking of doing something similar when my daughter turns seven in December. It's got to be better than plastic tat! Love that box of cotton thread, the colours are so pretty. x

    1. Oh yes Gillian, I'm with you on the party bag tat...not only does it break which becomes a huge upset, it's also so expensive. I'm using all my felt and ribbon odds and ends, so I'm creating quite a colourful collection. Sarah xo


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