11 December 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like.....

Our main Christmas tree stands in our bay window on the front of the house and I love it, as you turn in to the close and see the fairy lights glowing....

Glittery fir cones, painted salt dough shapes and wooden stars made over the last few years as a family hang merrily with a few precious decorations, collected and gifted to us, all are carefully unwrapped and hung with joy each year.

There is of course bunting.......  
 ......and a twiggy tree, again decorated with homemade pieces made by me and some of my favourite Facebook sellers
Painted stars adorn the curtain pole.....

and chocolate coins sit in vintage snowflake Pyrex.....

In the kitchen, stockings are hung and taking pride of place is the Advent Calendar, each little pocket filled with a chocolaty treat for the children.....

The next few days are taken up with school trips to the theatre, choir concerts and Christingle services and then it is a certain little ladies 6th birthday next week...exciting and happy times.

I hope that you are all enjoying the build up to Christmas.....are you ready????...please do say no.  I still have lots of crafting to do and can feel a slight panic setting in, however I am sure it will all be ok in the end!!

Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my previous posts, it is so lovely to find and meet such like minded friends, I am so very pleased that I started blogging again!!



  1. Hi Sarah
    Oh how lovely your house looks ! I love the festive curtain pole, it's amazing where you can put decorations if you put your mind to it !
    Have a lovely Christmassy week,
    Kate x

  2. Hello Sarah I love your post. I can tell we are like minded. I have some decorations out now- many quite old - some made by my sons when they were young - they are now 37&35 :-) many given to us by my friend and as she was a Dane they are very Scandinavian. Today we get the tree!!! So exciting.
    I still have much to do but I will get there. Sadly I had to buy my cards this year- have not done that for a long time. It was better though than vetting very stressed. Anne x

  3. Beautiful pics Sarah! I am no where near ready for Christmas - this weekend will be especially busy as I will be doing all my Christmas baking for gifts and I still have quite a few sewing gifts to finish too! I imagine I will be able to wind down a little towards the end of next week. I do love this time of year though, despite all the rushing around :) Hope you find a little time to put your feet up amidst all your Christmas prepartions Sarah. Best wishes Natalie xx

  4. Thank you, so much everyone!! Sarah xo


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