13 May 2014

Snippets of a rainbow.....

So far this week I've......

...... been stitching a rainbow (the Cheerio Mini quilt designed by Camille Roskelly from this months Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine design )

.....playing with a rainbow...just because.....

..... unpicking a rainbow of Cub badges from an outgrown cub jumper......

......and stitching them back on a brand new one lots bigger, using a rainbow of threads......
.......and believing that dreams that you dare to dream really do come true...


  1. All of your rainbows are beautiful! I hope that the end of the rainbow brings all your dreams true! xx

  2. Hope your dreams do come true. X

  3. I unpicked all my kids badges and then sewed them onto a 'camp' blanket. The kids thought it was cool at first, but it makes the blanket very stiff and un-snuggly. They're both finished with scouts & guides now ... miss that. Love all the colourful cheerios and the different coloured quilting threads you used in the centres. A very pretty rainbow-y post ;) Wendy x

  4. AnonymousMay 15, 2014

    What a beautiful quilt! It has made me want to rush out and get a copy of he magazine today :-) Do you stock the white fabric you have used? I am looking for some for a quilt I'm working on and would welcome your advice. I love rainbows and your lovely yarns looked so tempting. Victoria xxx

  5. Loving your quilt, especially the embroidery.
    Have a sweet day!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous post which made me smile! Beautiful quilt.
    Marianne x

  7. I love visiting your blog Sarah :-)
    Tracey xx


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