16 June 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I’m very excited today to be taking part in an Around the World Blog Hop, having been invited to do so last week by Chrissie, you can read her brilliant post HERE.  The idea is to answer a question or two about your creative process and work and to invite others to join in the fun. At the end of my post you can see who I’ve invited to join in.....

What am I working on? 

Oh now this one is a bit like a guilty confession, not content with one project, I’m currently working on several....

My biggie at the moment is a new quilt for my daughters bed, which I started back HERE.

Unfortunately, other projects have pushed this one to the back burner, but I determined to get it completed this week.  I like to think that this quilt will live with Poppy for many years and maybe one day, be passed on to future generations.

I’m also a Farmers Wife, well not really, I’m actually a RAF wife.  You can read more about my Farmers Wife quilt HERE.  I think this project is going to be with me for sometime, I may have been ever so slightly optimistic at making 2 blocks a week, but hey, I'm always a cup is half full kinda girl!  The end result will I am certain, be worth the many hours it will take to stitch.

Another little quilty project currently in progress involves Hexie’s in some of my most favourite fabrics.  This ones for a publication, so I can not show too much, but here’s just a little teaser!

My‘in transit’ project...doesn’t everyone have one of these.... is my Mini Cherry Pie, I am totally in love this with quilt, you can read all about when I started it HERE.  This is currently being hand quilted at various after school and weekend activities.  Once finished this is going to take pride of place in my newly decorated kitchen, which is my husband’s ‘soon to be’ WIP project!

Embroidery and hand stitching is a huge part of my life.  I currently have several new designs in my sketchbook and I think these will become my next ‘in transit’ projects.

Finally, I should probably also mention the crochet cushion that I started HERE, this is to tantalisingly close to be finished...honestly it really is!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I can't really think of how to answer this, but I guess I had to describe 'my style' in three words it would be ‘pretty, sentimental and uncomplicated’  I can honestly say that I just try to be myself and design things that make me smile or have a personal meaning.  I was taught to sew by my nan and mum, but I know that not everyone has been given this opportunity, so I see writing tutorials and ‘make it’ projects  as a way to share what I know.

Why do I create what I do? 
I can not imagine a day passing without at some point either sketching, stitching or doing something creative either for myself, with my children or for my business.  It’s part of me and something that I simply have to do without question....it makes me happy and content.

I also feel incredibly lucky to part of the handmade community, through blogging and other social platforms, but also through Pretty Fabrics and Trims, which put’s me in contact with other makers on a daily basis.  

How does my writing/creating process work?
I have a sketch book always close to hand and a notepad by the side of my bed.  It’s amazing how some of my favourite ideas have come to mind in the middle of night!  Nearly everything starts out as a rough (and I mean rough) sketch and then I continue to work on it until I’m happy.  My sketch book is full of ideas for future projects, but first I guess I had better finish some of those WIP’s before I start anything else new.

I’ve loved being part of this blog hop, so thanks again Chrissie for inviting me!  Next week, I’ll be passing the baton on to:

Gillian at Tales from a Happy Place ~ Gillian’s blog is jammed full of the most inspiring and thoughtful blog posts, all of which are accompanied by the most stunning photographs.  (So funny, Gillian received an invite from both myself and Kate at Just Pootling who's also taking part today, so it just goes to show how enjoyable her blog is!)

Gilly from Gilly Makes ~ Gilly’s blog posts always make me smile.  Gilly knits, crochets, makes quilts and sews, all with absolutely stunning results.  Her new ‘Kate’ tunics are just gorgeous!

and :: Edited 17th June 2014..... I'm thrilled to add.....

Annette from My Rose Valley ~ Annette's blog is just beautiful. Her photographs of her life in Switzerland are stunning.  Annette has been as absolute inspiration to me since I discovered crochet.  Her Nordic Shawl pattern is so pretty and it is a must to read the story that influenced it.

If you haven’t already discovered these brilliant blogs....please do ‘hop’ on over!  Thanks again for joining me today and I’ll be back tomorrow with the results of my little tote bag Giveaway.


  1. Such gorgeous WIPs! I admire your choice of fabrics as always, and your daughter's quilt will definitely be an heirloom. Have a wonderful day! Wendy x

  2. I love seeing all your gorgeous quilts in progress, the fabrics are all sooooo sweet! Your hand stitching and embroidery sets you apart - your designs are full of happiness, beautifully embroidered! Thanks for sharing! Chrissie x

  3. Lovely Blog Hop post Sarah, I really enjoyed reading about what you're up to and what makes you tick !
    Kate x

  4. A very enjoyable blog post. I haven't been reading here for long so it is nice to learn a little more about what you do.
    I love the pretty quilt you are making for your daughter and the Farmers Wife blocks are gorgeous also.
    It looks as though you have many more lovely projects in the works from the sneak peeks you've shown.

  5. What a fabulous post Sarah ..... and I LOVE all of your WIP's, those farmer's wife blocks are Gorgeous!
    you are a clever clever lady x
    love Jooles x x x

  6. So lovely to read more about you, what you are working on and how you work Sarah! Your farmers wife blocks look as though they are tiny!! They must be very intricate to work on, but will be beautiful when they are completed I am sure!! xx

  7. You sure are one very talented lady, Sarah :-) All that you make oozes love, contentment, and beauty.
    Tracey xxx

  8. Lovely to read all about your current projects, they are all just quite inspiring and gorgeous! And thanks for including me in the hop around the world :-) Hugs xx

  9. I really enjoyed this - it's so interesting to see what you're working on and read about what makes you tick, creatively speaking. You have such a nice style and always choose beautifully soft colours and gentle looking fabrics. Thank you so much for the tag and your kind words. I'm sorry it took me do long to comment. Life = hectic!! Xx


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