17 November 2014

PJ's for Poppy

To fund raise for Children in Need, the children had to wear PJ's for school on Friday.  No problem, you would think having so far this school year rustled up costumes for Victorian day, Roald Dahl day, Pirate day and Red, White and Blue day..... that is until early last week when I actually looked at Poppy in her PJ's and realised that her trousers were half way up her shins!!

Quick phone call to Nan (Penny) and before you could say Jack Robinson, she had sewn some pretty PJ bottoms for me.  She adapted the pattern she had used for Poppy's shorts this summer and she used the bright and cheeryMichael Miller Berry Ta Dot .  The t-shirt was a plain one we already had and I added the matching star using bondaweb and then machine stitched it for durability.

I tried to get some good photo's for you, but having left it until 2 minutes before we should been on our way to school and the concept of standing still not coming easy to a 6 year old, they're not the best............

 and it would appear that standing in a relaxed manner, is equally difficult.....
but sitting still....yes much better!

Having learnt my lesson, I'm super organised for red, green or gold day coming up later this month, (fund raising for the PTFA)... Nan has worked her magic again and made Poppy this very twirly skirt from Michael Miller's Yule Trees, which just so happens to co-ordinate perfectly with the Berry Ta Dot.......

This time, I decided to go with a pretty hanger shot....so much easier....

 and can you guess my thinking..... remember the PJ top.....
 ....... well now we have a star on top of a Christmas tree!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend.

(Our fabric manufacturers recommend that their fabrics are not used for childrens’ sleepwear, Poppy will therefore be wearing hers for slouchy weekends!)


  1. The PJs look so cute and the star on the t-shirt is perfect! I'll bet Poppy has the best-looking PJs at school! Love that tree fabric, and the skirt is so girly ;) I need to make some PJ bottoms for my own girl, but have yet to get to the store and hunt up my pattern. Enjoy your day! Wendy x PS I like your new profile photo!

  2. love everything with red and pink together!!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxxx Ale

  3. It's great to have a nan who's so talented!

  4. What talent you all have!!! I see that Poppy has a great talent for jumping very high in the air. I love the skirt fabric! xx

  5. Those pjs are so gorgeous! I would love a pair just like that myself! The skirt is adorable too.
    Marianne x

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