20 October 2015

I have so much to tell you!

Oh my goodness doesn't time fly when you're having fun.  How are you all?  Sorry I've not blogged for a while, I didn't intend on having quite such a long break, but I'm so happy to be back and I have so much to share!

For those of you follow me on Instagram and Facebook know, Pretty Fabrics and Trims now has its very own dedicated space.  

Since opening our website in 2012 we based ourselves in Mum's house, slowly and steadily increasing our stock as our business grew.  However earlier this year, the realisation hit, that we had definitely outgrown the space available and it became evident that new premises were required.  After a long search and couple of false starts, we finally found a lovely light and airy space which felt just right.  To be honest it was harder finding a new home for all our lovelies than it has ever been finding a new house!

It was very much all hands on deck, with lots of painting to be done, shelves to be built (more shelves to be ordered as we couldn't quite believe just how much fabric we had!), fabric bolts to be labeled, fabric to be cut............. Mum and I certainly couldn't have managed this all alone, so thank you to all our family who helped!

Finally, on the 26th September, we got up very early, hung up the bunting and then rather quietly opened the doors......


So we're now three weeks in and we're rather thrilled with how it's looking.......we still haven't got over the excitement of having all our goodies in one place!  Oh and the smell, do you know what I mean,... that smell of fabric...sigh!!!

I must emphasise however that whilst it is a delight to embark on this next step of our business journey, Mum and I will never forget our much appreciated online customers and friends, which is why our bricks and mortar shop open hours are limited to enable us to maintain the very high custom service standards that we always endeavour to provide.  You can find our shop opening hours and address HERE and we hope that if you are in the area that you will pop in and say hello!

As you can imagine, my sewing time has been limited, but I have managed to squeeze in a few makes which I share more photo's of next time. 

It's very lovely to be back!


  1. Congratulations Sarah, both to you and your mum!
    All the best for this new big crafty adventure,
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. well done i am so very pleased for you , your shop is beautiful and you are an inspiration to us all to follow our dreams , i am sure your shop will be a huge success xxx

  3. Congrats! What a great looking shop. I wish I lived closer and I could drop by!!

  4. Congratulations! It looks a fabulous shop and I will certainly be calling in if I am in the area.... sadly you are a long way from where I live but you never know!! Good luck with this next phase! Christine x

  5. Congratulations! I hope that it goes really well for you! xx

  6. OH it's all looking wonderful Sarah, and I really do wish you and your Mum the very best with every step of your new journey! xo

  7. It looks beautiful and I wish you every success. Anne x

  8. It looks beautiful and I wish you every success. Anne x

  9. Oh Good Luck Sarah it looks amazing. Jo x

  10. Your new shop looks lovely! I wish you great success, and wish you were located in the United States (near Chicago, IL, to be exact!).

  11. Many congratulations on your continued success and your very cute shop! I can only imagine how much work you've had to do to get everything ready - now you just have to enjoy it! :D

  12. Wow!! I'm so glad that you have been busy opening a beautiful fabric shop and nothing terrible had happened! I've missed seeing you here and catching up on all your pretty makes. Congratulations to you and your mom and the rest of your family on continuing your business venture in a new domain! It looks absolutely beautiful and I am just drooling over all those fabrics ... and more than a little sad that I live so far away from it all! Good luck with everything Sarah ... and I love your "open" sign ;)

  13. That's really fantastic. The shop looks great and I can just imagine the smell. Mmmm!


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