9 August 2016

The Flirty 30's Club ~ June's Dresdens (Ahem)

Ok, so it may not actually be June, but honest guv' I did start them then....anyway I won't make excuses!  Determined to get caught up, they came away with me a couple of weekends ago.  (I don't know about you, but I can't even contemplate being away with no sewing to hand!)  We made a fleeting visit to Cumbria to celebrate my Father in Laws Birthday.  We drove up Friday and spent Saturday in the Lakes. We had a lovely pub lunch and then spent the afternoon in Keswick, it was my first visit and what a gorgeous town it is with lots of lovely shops!  We then walked down to Derwentwater, which is just breath taking (sorry the photo's are not brilliant, I forgot my camera).......

Andy and I came home Sunday.  The children stayed for the week and had a marvelous time... I think Grandma and Granda should just about be recovered now!

Anyhow, I have now finished June's Dresden's, do you want to take a peek........

........and last night, I even made a start on July's Dresdens.... just in time for August's 'The Flirty 30's Club' parcels which are being posted tomorrow!

If you would like to join the club, you can do so HERE and for instructions on how to make the Dresden's, take a look HERE.

I'll see you again soon  ..... I may have started another work in progress, what's one more hey......but more about that next time!


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