14 December 2016

Festive Happy Stitches ~ Tilda Dolls


It was my Saturday off from manning the shop and despite having a zillion works in progress I felt the need to do some frivolous sewing, happy stitches just for me and I knew exactly what I wanted to make, Tilda dolls, well Tilda Pixies to be exact.  I wanted them to be dressed in traditional festive reds mixed with linen, so I grabbed some French General petite prints and some of their gorgeous wovens, plus added in a few bits from my stash and away I went.  I had SO much fun and the hours spent making them whizzed by in a flash!

Both pixies were made using patterns from the book Tilda's Christmas Ideas.  The boy pixie was made using the Santa doll pattern.  I pretty much followed the pattern but customised the clothes ever so slightly......... to make his top, I shortened the coat pattern and omitted the ruffle around the bottom and his trouser were as per the pattern, but I didn't gather them in to a cuff.   Obviously I knew the OCD was kicking in when I found myself pattern matching the stripes on his top..........
The girl pixie was made using the Pixies pattern and the only change being, that I used two different fabrics for the arms, to create the look of a jumper under her dress.

When it comes to making Tilda dolls, the process for making the bodies is that you trace around the pattern pieces on to your fabric, sew on the drawn line and then cut out, allowing at this stage for the seam allowance.  My 'a little happy tip' is to use Freezer Paper for the pattern pieces, which saves you the process of having to trace around the pattern pieces on to the fabric.  You simply iron the Freezer Paper on to the fabric, stitch really really closely around it, cut out allowing for the seam allowance and then peel it away.

I used one of my favourite tools, a chop stick to help stuff the dolls.  I personally like to stuff mine quite firmly, so make sure you allow plenty of time for this step!  (cake and tea are essential supplies!!!!)
My absolutely favourite part of doll making is adding all the little decorative details......

.......it really is SO MUCH FUN!!!!
I now plan to make more Tilda dolls as it seems so sad to pack these little pixies away after Christmas!  

I hope that you're finding a little time to enjoy some happy festive stitches too!  See you next time!


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