6 March 2017

Happy Flower Quilt-A-long

Today is the first day of the Happy Flower Quilt-A-Long hosted by Kristyne from Pretty by Hand, Melissa from Oh How Sweet and Wynn from ZakkaArt....yay!!!  Just to clarify for us UK peeps, Sew Flower Quilts and Gifts is the same book as Happy Flower Quilts, it's the UK edition and simply has a different name and jacket, but inside the contents are exactly the same.

Obviously when I heard there was going to be a Quilt Along to make the Sampler Quilt, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist joining in, I have drooled over THAT pink quilt for so long!  However like many of you I am sure, the only slight fly in the ointment to my very good intention of quilting along, is finding the time to do so......so much sewing I would like to achieve but so little time!  So I've hatched a cunning little plan........which is that I am going to quilt along and hopefully sew all the applique blocks (one a week), the one patch fussy cut blocks and finally where I can not resist, some of the pieced blocks.  I'll then review where I'm at, at the end of the year...no pressure...just enjoying the process and not worrying if I don't manage a block a week.

I've decided to use 1930's reproduction fabrics for my blocks and take my steer from the beautiful colours and fabrics that Atsuko Matsuyama used in the original quilt pictured in the book....although I think hers were actual feedsacks from the 30's...can you imagine how beautiful it must be in real life!!

I'm intending using the interfacing method of applique for the majority of the blocks, although looking at the templates, some are rather small so I may needle turn those.  I'm using Aurifil 50wt thread for all the embroidery.  For the stems I'm going to use my 1/4" bias maker and where the blocks call for some embroidery, I will use Aurifil 12wt cotton.

So that's the plan....here's a close up of my first applique block....

In case your wondering about a good choice of pink solid for the sashing, Bella Solids 3 Sister Pink is the prettiest pink and would be my choice.

If you haven't already got it, the fabulous book is available HERE

 I look forward to sharing my blocks with you and I shall regularly be looking at the  #happyflowerqal .....this is going to be great fun!

Happy stitches!

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