18 April 2019

Revisiting Hand Embroidery

I really am, never happier than when I am hand stitching.  In recent years primarily, that has been either English paper piecing, applique or hand quilting.  However, I also adore hand embroidery and I have always loved including little hints of it in my mini quilts.   It has been on my mind for some time now to re introduce some of my earlier embroidery designs in to a new range of kits to add to my portfolio.

A few weeks ago I decided to drop everything and make it happen.  I had a lovely time going through my folders and looking back at my previous work from a few years ago.  Like everything though, over time, how you do things develops and naturally I think you add a little bit more of yourself.  For the new kits, rather than being embroidery alone, I decided that I wanted to incorporate all my favourite hand stitches in to the new range.

I am so thrilled with how the new kits have turned out.  Initially, there are two new designs, Posie, which includes gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawns in muted colours combined with a lovely Linen.  The colours in the embroidery pick up from those in the fabrics.  Also I should mention that the lovely fabric used for the embroidery, is a linen/cotton mix and I have had the design printed on to it, so there will be no need to transfer.

I also wanted to indulge my love of faded florals and chose a selection of fabrics in the pretties palest pinks and ivory, with thread colours to match.......

 If you are new to English Paper Piecing, the Chrysanthemum Plates are constructed in the same way as the Dresden, for which you can find a little happy tutorial for HERE.

 For both kits, I've kept the embroidery stitches nice and simple and again there are tutorials for some HERE, there are also instructions included with the kits.

Both 'Posie' and 'Faded Floral' Embroidered Mini Quilt Kits are available on the website HERE.

Obviously, you know me by now.... my sketchbook and head are full of ideas, so I also couldn't resist starting a third project.  This one, which I've called the 'The Summer Sampler' really does combine all my loves, with a pretty mix of pieced and embroidered blocks.  

Again, I'm using the beautiful Liberty Tana Lawns, along side a mix of low volumes, together with the linen/cotton fabric for the embroideries.  The overall feel is light and airy, with little splashes of colour... like a cottage garden in full bloom.......

 I'm also adding pretty ribbons and lace, along with my favourite vintage Mother of Pearl buttons, which I just can not get enough of..ever!

This is going to be a 'mini' 4 month Block of the Month club, which will run over the summer months and will include all the fabric, trims, wadding, backing fabric, plus the embroidery and quilting thread...so everything except your choice of piecing thread.  As always, I use Aurifil 50wt in my machine and for the EPP and 80wt for the applique.

Sign ups will be opening on Easter Monday via the website.

I hope that you have a lovely Easter weekend, what ever you plans! 

Happy Stitches


  1. I love the mini hexagon quilts with the embroidered centres, you always seem to be able make something beautiful even more amazing with your clever touches. x

  2. ''I really am, never happier than when I am hand stitching.''
    that's just so great to read, Sarah :)
    thanks for sharing
    and Happy Easter!


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