14 February 2020

Positive stitches

In life, I generally have a positive outlook, as my Nanny Flo would say, "my cup is half full, never half empty".

I really believe that having a creative past time contributes enormously to my overall positive view of life and my general well being.  For me personally, I think hand sewing helps greatly.  Hand sewing, whether that be English paper piecing, applique, embroidery, making felt decorations, hand piecing .... all have the same effect.. those measured, slow and repetitive stitches, give me time to lose myself in my thoughts.

I do have tendency to have the longest 'to do' lists and I have been known to have 'ever so slightly' over optimistic expectations, as to what can physically be achieved in a working day, so hand sewing make me slow down.  It gives me time to review and rationalise my thoughts, contemplate new things and reminisce.  It also means that I can sit with my family, happily stitching, rather than being tucked away in my sewing room, so there is always an opportunity for us to talk.

Nan would also say "idle hands make fretful minds" ......how I use to snigger inwardly as a teenager, when she would come out with these quotes, but in hindsight I now know that she was a very wise woman.

I like to think that each little stitch that I make, will tell a story and become a memory for both myself and my family.   My hands, with my podgy and scratched fingers and unpainted nails, that oh my goodness, don't I wish were long, slender and manicured, have sewn many a mile, they have served me well.  They have stitched together quilts that have provided a reassuring hug when needed, they have sewn decorative stitches that have made people slow down and smile and they have, as both my nan's and mum's hands did for me, taught both my children how to sew.

Our motto for the business is 'a little happiness in every stitch' now you know why.

Have a lovely weekend, full of ‘happy stitches’!


  1. I so agree..a little stitching makes everything better.

  2. A lovely post. I totally relate to those overly ambitious lists!

  3. Beautiful post Sarah. As you know i have quite a list and all your fault 😍
    You are very lucky to enjoy doing sewing with your mum. I miss my mum but trying to get my grandson wbo is 8 and granddaughter 6 to have a go. We have made a few things. X


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