10 May 2013

How to stitch 'Blanket Stitch'

I love Blanket Stitch, it is my favourite stitch and probably is the most recognisable element of my work.  I find hand stitching incredibly relaxing and there is something therapeutic about sewing a long length of Blanket Stitch, I think it is the repetitive nature of it!  As it is so widely used in my kits, I have put together the following tutorial.

You will find Blanket Stitch a very useful stitch to have in your repertoire, it is basically a decorative stitch used to sew two layers together.  I use it for both my appliques and also on the outside edge of my felt pictures (and anywhere else I get the chance too!!).   

To help, I've taken some step by step photographs of me actually stitching...(during the making of this tutorial, I also discovered it is very hard to photograph oneself whilst stitching!!)  Are you sitting comfortably......yes...then here we go:

Step 1 ~ Start by stitching in between the layers, so that your knot is hidden, pass your needle through to the front.

Step 2 ~ Then take your needle to the back overlapping both layers, emerging in between.

Step 3 ~ Pass your needle over the thread creating a loop, pull tight.

Step 4 ~ Now for the second stitch, moving a short distance along, take your needle to the back of the felt and through to the front ( a repeat of Step 2).

Step 5 ~ Pass your needle through the loop, pull tight (a repeat of Step 3) and then move along for your third stitch.  Continue by repeating Steps 2 and 3.

Step 6 ~ When you have run out of thread, knot neatly and before cutting, take the thread in between the layers, emerging though the back at about 1" ( 2.5cms) from the outside edge.

Step 7 ~ Pull the thread tight and cut, the thread will then disappear and be hidden in between the layers.

Step 8 ~ To begin again, start by stitching in between the layers, so that your knot is hidden, pass your needle through to the back at the bottom of your last completed stitch.

Step 9 ~ Pass your needle through the loop, pull tight (a repeat of Step 3) and then continue by repeating Step 2 and Step 3.
The letters are stitched in exactly the same way, working through from the back to the front, along the outside edge of the applique.
So there you go, that is how I stitch Blanket Stitch, I hope that you found it helpful.  

For your information, I got this box frame from a certain Swedish superstore.

I hope that you've enjoyed the tutorial and if you have any questions, please do get in touch and I'll do my very best to help. 



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    1. Thank you so much Rachel, I just popped over and paid you a visit. Sarah xo

  2. I know this post is older, but it's great and so are the pics! Very helpful and thank you!


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