23 June 2013

A weekend of dodging rain showers





We have spent the weekend dodging rain showers, but oh my, what a super weekend we have had.  My sister in law came to stay, so the children were at fever pitch.  Auntie Alison spends hours playing with the children, from twirling and whirling with Poppy to discussing air to air combat with Jamie, she is the most perfect Auntie that you could wish for.

After an extremely early 5.15am start ( groan!!!) we headed of to the Kinema in the Woods to watch Despicable Me 2, it was so funny and I highly recommend it.  The Kinema is fantastic, from the outside you would be forgiven for not wishing to set foot inside, however once you do, you are transported to the most magical place.  When you sit down in the cinema, there is so much to see, from the murals painted on the coat hook lined walls, chandeliers and glitter ball on the ceiling, to the beautiful silk curtain on the stage.  But perhaps the most amazing thing is the organist that rises up on to the stage during the interval.  Yes that's right an interval, how brilliant is that, it all brings a smile to your face.  We had planned a picnic in the park afterwards, but when we came out the heavens had well and truly opened, so we had a rather cramped lunch in the car.  Much to our relief it faired up and we were able to take a walk around Woodhall Spa, a very pretty town indeed, set as you would expect, next to some lovely woods.  When we had visited a few weeks back the Rhododendrons were in full bloom, there were still some, but sadly the display was somewhat diminished.

On our way back home, we stopped off for an impromptu visit to Tattershall Castle.  We are members of the National Trust and have visited previously, however due to the changeable weather we found ourselves virtually on our own.  The 6 story castle is more or less bare inside, except for some beautiful tapestries on one of the levels, they date back to the 1600's and its amazing to get up so close to something so old.  The children love visiting and enjoy the stripped back nature of the castle, it gives opportunity for their imaginations to run riot.  The thickness of the walls is amazing and the stained glass windows, simply stunning.

Today, we ended our marvellous weekend with a walk across the fields, it was astounding to see the change in the landscape in the two weeks since we last visited.  The yellow rapeseed is now virtually green and the height of the grass next to the hedgerows had grown almost taller Poppy.  You will see from the photo's that I wore more suitable footwear this time!

I have managed to squeeze in a little creativity and have drafted a new embroidery, Be Kind and Be True.  I had a little play this afternoon, as I wanted to show that my embroidery patterns can be suitable for all levels of stitchers.

This pretty hoop simply has the wording from the pattern stitched in Back Stitch and then I added some vintage mother of pearl buttons from my stash.   I'll be back early this week with a little tutorial on how I covered the embroidery frame and I'll also have the full embroidery stitched up for you to see.

I hope that you have had a super weekend too!



  1. How lovely! Can't wait for the next post! :)

    1. Thank you Rachel, so happy that you are visiting my blog! xo


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