21 June 2013

All you need is love

I love to doodle, always have.  Sometimes the doodles come to nothing, but other times they become the starting point of something new.  The other night, I found myself too tired to sew, but I do so find it hard just to sit and watch TV, especially when Andy is working shifts and I am home alone once the children are in bed asleep.  In terms of what I doodle, sometimes it can be just a pattern, letters are a favourite, as is a favourite lyric or saying.  For reference, I keep a list of things that inspire me, I am great fan of a good list!!

With fresh eyes the next day and a few versions later, I started the process of turning the doodle into an embroidery.   Once I have sorted the design, I then think about the colours that I am going to use.  Inspiration for a colour scheme can come from anywhere, for me it's often a flower that I've seen, the seasons, favourite fabrics, a piece of china, playing with threads or simply something I just think is pretty. 

Once colours have been sorted and stitches decided, I then started sewing.  I wanted to keep this design quite simple so I have used just 3 stitches, Back Stitch, Lazy Daisies and French Knots.  But of course you could stitch it using your favourites.  Oh my, how gorgeous would the flowers look in Satin Stitch, now that would definately be a labour of love!

I hope that you have enjoyed a little insight into my creative process and if you would like to stitch this design you will find the embroidery pattern HERE and HERE.

Have a lovely weekend, what ever you have planned. 


  1. So pretty Sarah...I love the design and your stitching and the colours are beautiful!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  2. Thank you Susan. Red, Aqua, Pink and Grey is one of my favourite combinations that I find myself returning to on a regular basis. I hope you have had a lovely weekend too and managed to dodge the rain showers! xo


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