15 July 2013

Quiet times .....






We've had a quiet weekend.  Andy left early Saturday morning to go on exercise for a week and apart from a few hours on Saturday when Jamie was taking part in a Cub event, the rest of us have stayed at home attempting to keep cool in the glorious sunshine.  Oh how I hope it lasts all summer, well at least until we've had our summer break in Norfolk.  On a sad note, Poppy is struggling with Andy being away, I think although we are counting down the sleeps, she believes that he has gone away on detachment again.  She told the man on checkout in the supermarket, 'My Daddy has to go away alot and I do not not like it'  it's so hard.  He has probably been away for at least a third of her short little life, but that is the reality of being a forces family and one that we have to just get on with.   On a positive, he has been promoted and we hope that this will mean that he will see out his last full year in service, sat behind a desk and coming home to us every day, fingers crossed!

The garden has been alive with bees and butterflies and this week it has provided us with salad leaves, rhubarb and the most delicious strawberries.   We also picked a small handful of raspberries and I can see lots more coming.  It's amazing how, in such a small space, you can fit a little something special and although the harvest is small, we all appreciate the little tastes it provides.

We were all busy being creative, Jamie finished his current Airfix model, he was so proud and Poppy as always, drew a hundred pictures.  I stitched up a scrappy hoop for Poppy's room, I love this little rhyme.  The floral border is a mix of pretty Tilda fabrics, the benefits of owning a supplies shop is that you end up with lots of little off cuts and I am always thinking of projects to use them up.  I did contemplate adding lace and ribbon to the design, but in the end I went for a mix of stitches over the seam lines and I was really happy with the end result.   I also did a little floral sketch which I couldn't resist starting to stitch.  I quite fancy introducing some felt into this piece, but I am just going to go with the flow and see how it progresses over the next few days.

Finally,  I can not tell you how much I am loving living the Grand Plan,  the impact on both my home life and creative journey is huge and I am so very grateful for all your support and orders.  Whilst I am still working hard, I feel healthier than I have done in a long time and as a family we are so much happier, which in reality is what it is all about.

Thank you!!


  1. I'm so happy that your Grand Plan is working, what wonderful pictures, sometimes it's nice to just stay at home and enjoy the company of family and the glorious weather ~ Sarah x

  2. Thank you Sarah, it was a lovely weekend. My apologies for the delay in replying, my quiet weekend has turned into a really busy week with lots of things happening at school, with it bing the end of the school year. I'm really looking forward to the summer hols!! I hope that you are having a lovely week too. xo


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