27 July 2013

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star .....

Finally, I hear you shout, I have finished the 'Twinkle Twinkle' embroidery pattern.  I wanted to keep this one nice and simple, with the focus being on the little rhyme itself.  I do however love the addition of the little star border, I hope you do too.

As you will remember I stitched up the first version of the design a couple of weeks ago and turned it in to a scrappy hoop, which is now on the wall in Poppy's bedroom.  This was very easy to do if you wanted to re-create your very own version.   After stitching the wording, I took four offcuts of fabric from my stash.  You'll need to ensure that the offcuts are big enough, so that once sewn in place the finished piece is larger than the hoop you wish to frame it in.  With right sides to right sides starting across the bottom and then working to the right, the top and finally the left hand side (red stars) I machine sewed the off cuts in place framing the rhyme. 

As a decorative finish I then added some stitching over the seam lines, four little wooden star buttons at the corners and some lace and ribbon tied at the top.  

Talking of fabric, did you spot the lovely mini star fabric and ribbon in the first picture?  I just love blue and white, it's probably my most favourite and used colour combination throughout our house.  I would have taken photo's, however seeing as we are three days in to the school holidays, my poor house is looking somewhat messy.  However so that you can get the feel, here's a little snippet of our everyday china that I have been using and adding to over the last 20 years or so that sits in our kitchen, which is blue with off white units, that is next to our hallway, which has white walls, which is next to our living room, which has off white walls with duck egg blue curtains and blinds...do you see what I mean.

It is no surprise then, that the following new arrivals will at some point be making their way in to my house...I'm thinking a lap quilt to snuggle under in the Autumn.

As always, I've been busy sketching... I love this rhyme...

Enough of my ramblings for now, I am a women on a mission and I must not get distracted this week.   I have lot of WIPs to finish, we have some reps coming to show us some new fabrics, children to entertain and it is nearly holiday time....hooray!!

'Twinkle Twinkle' is available HERE and HERE and as always if you have any questions, please do ask away.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Beautiful as always! And OMG!! You have the same china as me!!! I love it so much :) xx

    1. Tee hee...so much in common!! Love my china, mum recently found two egg cups at car boot...yes!! xo

  2. Your latest embroidery design is so pretty Sarah (as always!)
    I do love patchwork in a hoop too...I think it's a lovely way of using up small pretty pieces of fabric.
    Love your blue and white china!
    Happy Sunday to you and yours,
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan and yes you are so right. I am dreadful for hanging on to fabric scraps...I have boxes full of them. I think if I had the time I could make a whole host of quilts using them alone. I hope you're having a lovely weekend too. xo

  3. I just found you through Miss Paula in Stitches and I Love your designs. Oh and blue and white is my fave colors too!!

  4. Hi Kim, thank you so much for popping over via the lovely Miss P. I do hope that you will enjoy visiting my blog, it's lovely to have you here xo


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