9 September 2013

Day Trip


As the summer holidays drew to a close, I must admit I think we were all looking forward to getting back to school and restoring some sort of routine back in to the house.  Andy has been promoted at work and is now working a different shift pattern, which means that he will now work some weekends.  I'm not complaining though as this time last year, he was 3 weeks in to a 2 month detachment.  What this does mean is that it is even more important to grab family time as and when we can.  We did exactly that last week before term started and set off for Sherwood Forest which is about 50mins from where we live.  We first went back in April when Andy had returned from another 2 months away and just loved it, it is so beautiful, you can see more pictures from that visit here.   After a forest walk, picnic lunch which gave me time for a spot of crochet, we then moved on to Clumber Park.  Oh my goodness, it is the most stunning place full of woodland walks, lakes and vista' s, I truely could imagine Mr Darcy emerging from the water and it is definitely on the To Do list to go again in half term!!

Talking of crochet, I think this is my new addiction... I am however being very good and limiting it to the evenings, where rather appropriately there has been a slight nip in the air.  I am already envisaging myself snuggled under my lap blanket.  When I purchased the yarn a few weeks back, as you know I had no idea how to crochet, however after a quick lesson from Mum I had soon made my first Granny square, which she reliably told me was a good thing to start with.  I also decided to keep it simple, with solid blocks of colour with a natural white border.....


It is extremely satisfying seeing my little stacks of squares growing but I think I probably should have sewn in the ends as I went along, maybe next time! It's been quite a learning curve and to start with I struggled holding my original metal hook as it hurt my hands, an ongoing issue resulting from too many hours spent hand stitching and working on the computer.  Whilst on holiday though, I found a Prym hook with a soft thick handle which is extremely comfortable to hold, but since being home and reading various crochet blogs I have seen the Clover Amour hooks.....sigh....I think they'll be going on my Christmas list for sure!  After my decision to add the natural white border it was pretty obvious that  didn't have enough yarn, so I placed my second order, oh and you'll never guess what happened...this gorgeous lot found its way into my basket....

...... theres some more of the blanket colours, plus some vanilla, orange, olive and teal, I'm thinking a crochet cushion for my conservatory, oh and remember when I went to get my crochet hook whilst on holiday, well the wool shop was having a sale and this beatiful yarn came home with me....well it would have been wrong not to, don't you think.....it's going to be a neck warmer, well eventually!

So I think it is safe to say that not only am I addicted to fabric, floss and felt, it would seem that I am now adding yarn to the list too, oh dear!



  1. Gorgeous pics Sarah and how lovely is the little squirrel too!
    Your crochet is looking beautiful..You're so lucky to have your mum show you ...it must have been such a help. I ended up using YouTube videos although I must say they were a great help.
    Your new yarn is beautiful (I love Sublime yarns and the Amour crochet hooks are so comfortable to use....I'd definitely recommend them. It's a great idea to deal with yarn ends as you work...I would never have wanted to deal with them at the end on the throw I've just made...they were endless!!
    Off to see your new blog now!
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan, I'll take your advice and try and deal with my ends of the remaining squares. Hope you enjoyed all the loveliness over at Pretty Fabrics and Trims. Have a lovely weekend xo

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while and I must say that it is one of my most favorite places to visit. When I need to relax and just `get away` from it all I come to your blog. It is most comforting like a warm slice of pie and a mug of sweet cocoa!
    Thank you for your beautiful blog!

    1. Oh thank you so much Indigo for leaving me such a lovely comment. I am so loving writing my blog and to know that it is being enjoyed by other people is the icing on the cake!! Thank you, you have made my day, Sarah xo

  3. Hi Sarah
    What beautiful, beautiful colour choices you have made for your crochet. They all work so well together - and so perfectly made as well. Isn't Sublime wool just the loveliest yarn to work with ? Really enjoyed my first peek at your blog - I'll be revisiting lots.

    1. Thank you so much Kate, I'm totally loving my new venture into crochet, although having looked at your blog, I have very long way until I reach your standard. Love the colours that use, by the way! Likewise, I have added you to my blog reading list and look forward to visiting you often. Sarah xo


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