1 September 2013

Late Summer Walk

As the summer holidays come to an end, it's amazing how the landscape has changed.   It's also noticeable how the evenings are drawing in.  Actually I quite like closing the blinds and turning on the side lights of evening and crafting although I am now torn between embroidery and crochet, my little pile of Granny Squares is slowly but surely growing.  I promise to post some photo's soon, I am LOVING crochet!!

Poppy and I went for a walk the other afternoon, well I walked, she cycled.  The fields around us are in the progress of being ploughed, so in the background there has been a constant hum of tractors and other farm machinery.  When Jamie was younger it was his favourite time of year, he would spend hours looking out of his bedroom window, watching the tractors and then playing with his toy farm.  We set of across the fields, however we soon realised this was perhaps a little ambitious for her on her little bike, so we turned back and headed to our very local nature reserve.  When we first moved here was little more than a dirt track and long grass, however over the years, volunteers have planted trees, sown wild flower meadows, added dry stone seats and more recently wooden sculptures.  It was a delight as we turned one of the corners and came across a newly planted orchard, how super will that be in year to come.

There were rather excitingly the early signs of Autumn, we discovered Blackberries, and Sloe's in the hedgerow.  I am already dreaming of Apple and Bramble crumble and drinking Sloe Gin at Christmas!!

On a crafting front, here's the embroidery I was sewing whilst on holiday, now framed and on its way to a new loving home and I have started another Sunshine, which I have rather exciting plans for, more of that another day.

Shop news, we had two new gorgeous Tilda fabrics arrive whilst we were away, more pretty flowers and lovely mini stars, I do not think I will ever tire of the lovely Tilda designs.....

I have so enjoyed the Summer holidays, but it has to be said I think we are all ready for term to begin on Thursday.  Both children are looking forward to seeing their friends on a daily basis and I am looking forward to spending more time enjoying the view through my sewing room window......


  1. Sarah, you live in such a pretty place...I love the view from your sewing room window and the wooden sculptures are amazing!
    Crochet is great fun, isn't it? ...and the colours in your latest embroidery design are beautiful...
    Hope your little ones have a wonderful start to the new school term...enjoy your quiet time!
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan, they went back yesterday, the house was so quiet!! I'm having so much with the crochet, I keep taking it everywhere with me. Sadly there are plans in to build houses behind us...but hopefully it will be many years before this happens xo


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