25 October 2013

Bloomin' Marvelous

So what do you do when your husband is on night shift, do you:

a. do some much needed book work
b. finish off some works in progress
c. watch tv followed by an early night in bed

Noooooooo, you have lots of fun making little ickle crochet flowers!  Are they not just the cutest thing ever!

Being new to crochet  these are the first thing I have made all by myself following a pattern, which I found here.   Now do not look to closely as some of them have 6 petals rather than the correct 5 and the cotton yarn splits ever so easy, but I love them all the same......

So what do I do with them now, apart from arrange them in pretty colours.....

and add buttons from my stash........

Well Lucy from Attic 24, made hers into the prettiest of brooches, so I am definately going to do that, all be it, I just couldn't master the crochet leaves, so mine will have felt ones.  Poppy has her eye on the pink ones, so I am going to add them to some hair clips and the rest...well I think I'll just sit and admire.

Have a fab weekend!


  1. Cute! Isn't crochet just the best?! So glad you are having so much fun with it :) xx

  2. It's fantastic, although I'm not up to your standards yet! Have a great weekend, Sarah xo

  3. Oh, gorgeous! Why are things so appealing when they are arranged in rainbows? They are very cute indeed. x

    1. Thank you Gillian...oh yes you are so right about Rainbows! I hope you're having a creative happy week xo


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