22 October 2013

A Ta Dah moment

Generally when I have an idea, I'll sit and draw, scrub it out, start again, throw it away, start again, be happy, draft pattern pieces, make a prototype, re draft and so the process continues.  Last weekend however I had an idea, I drew a picture, drafted the pattern pieces and stitched and then I had a Ta Dah moment................

I was completely, utterly, happy first time round.............

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Now I must say that I was extremely tempted to add more details, maybe an acorn here and there, a toadstool or two, possible some writing in the middle, however I resisted the urge*. This is a perfect project for all levels of stitchers, the leaves themselves are appliqued using Back Stitch ( You can see a tutorial on this HERE )

Instructions are also included on how to finish the back of the hoop nice and neatly with a felt cover.

I've written up the pattern which is now available on my website HERE.  If you do decided to stitch it, please do send me your pictures, I would love to see!!

* When I shared a little preview of the design on my Facebook page, one of my lovely Facebook friends, did comment that it would look gorgeous with the word 'thankful' embroidered in the centre.  So I adapted this from my 'be thankful always' design.....



  1. It's really beautiful, and so simple too. It would be great with a word in the centre - thankful seems very appropriate for the time of year. x

  2. I would love to know what linen color you are using for the background, it is very beautiful against the felt.


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