20 October 2013


Our weekend came early this week due to Andy's shift pattern and rather conveniently the children starting half term on Friday.  After the usual food shop, a bit of a tidy around, ballet classes etc we couldn't wait to get outside.

We headed for Woodland Waters, which is a camping and fishing site about 10 minutes from home.  We are so lucky to have so many pretty places to visit just a short hop away.  I often wonder how long our family walks will continue,  before it is not cool to be out with mum and dad?  I hope for a long time to come. Woodland Waters is just lovely, there are several tree lined lakes to walk around and it is always full with people angling, I do kind of like the idea of fishing, sitting by a lake, on a dry day of course, for hours on end, in the peace and quiet, day dreaming, well that's how I imagine it anyway, although I am sure a professional angler will tell me there is lots more to it!!

The air was crisp and the ground was covered in a carpet of leaves, poking through were the most amazing toadstools, so many different types...

These ones below made me think of the film 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' you know the bit when they discover the field of ginormous mushrooms......

I would love to do a foraging course and discover which mushrooms are safe to eat, however until such a time we obviously did not touch any of these and I suspect despite looking like fairy houses, the red ones were almost certainly poisonous. 

We did however satisfy our foraging urge and rootled for safe Autumn treasures to add to our growing collection at home...... 

Autumn is such an inspiring season do you not agree, I think it's the rich warming colours, the textures and shapes, it certainly lifts my spirits and inspires me more than any other time of year.

Yes, despite a growing number of works in progress, I felt the urge to start something new and such fun it is too!



  1. A lovely blog, such beautiful photos. I have two children, now 17 and 19, and luckily they never went through the 'its not cool to be out with Mum and Dad' phase! Your autumn leaves hoop looks so prettty, can't wait to see it finished.
    Best wishes,
    Chris xx

    1. Thank you so much Chris. Fingers crossed my children will never go through it, I love getting out, it gives you time to talk. I hope that you have had a lovely weekend xo

  2. You live in such a magical place Sarah!...Beautiful photographs and a lovely tutorial too...I love your stitching...and your children will never get tired of going on those wonderful walks with you...I promise!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan. I missed your blog posts...so so happy that you're back! Sarah xo

  3. Beautiful photos Sarah - what a lovely time you all had. Love the Autumn Treasures you collected. The variety of mushrooms, toadstools etc are amazing. Such colour and texture. Cannot remember my two ever saying it wasn't cool to go out with mum and dad :-) - though we have to make sure we don't kiss and hug our eight year old grandson in front of his friends :-) Anne x

    1. Thank you Anne! Thankfully, my son will still me a cuddle at the school gate ( for now!!) Have a great week, Sarah xo

  4. I too am always enchanted by those fairy tale toadstools but yes, I avoid them too! This is such an inspiring season and I love the look of your new make. x

    1. Thank you Gillian, I am a little behind with visiting my favourite blogs this week, with it being half term, however I just popped over and WOW, your blanket is stunning, although I am a little in awe of your organisational skills. I can not wait to see it finished. Have a great week! Sarah xo


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