18 October 2013

How I transfer an embroidery pattern

I am often asked how do I transfer my embroidery patterns....now there are lots of different ways out there, you can use embroidery tracing paper, freezer paper or a heat transfer pencil, however for the method that I use time and time again, you simply need a nice bright window and a transfer pen of your choice.  This is what I do.....

First off I tape my pattern to the window.  I tend to use washi tape because it is low tack and can be easily removed.

On top of this, I then tape my fabric, be generous with the tape as you do not want your fabric to move about.

Then I simply trace over the top.  I generally use either a self erasing pen, a water erasable pen or a Frixion marker....whatever pen you decide to use, always remember to do a little test patch first on your fabric!

A little note on transferring the design,  for details like the writing, I transfer it exactly as shown on the pattern, however for flowers that I intend on stitching with Lazy Daisies and French Knots, (like the ones shown below), I transfer the inner circle as shown, which gives me an outline to work around and infill with the French Knots and for the petals, I simply mark the outer tips of the petals with little dots, which I use to position my Lazy Daisy stitches.

For the little Lasy Daisy flowers, I simply mark there positions on the embroidery with a dot at their centre, as shown below.......

 I hope that all makes sense, but if you have any questions, as always, please do ask away and I'll do my very best to help.

I'll leave you with the view, it's amazing how in just a month it has changed from brown earth to a field of green, isn't mother nature clever!



  1. Hello Sarah your explanation was very clear.
    The view is wonderful.
    Love the mini quilt you made. I am making a cot sized one for charity- have been making it for too long now and I must finish it. Think I need to review what I do as there doesn't seem enough time - and I'm supposed to be retired :-)
    Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

    1. Thank you Anne. You always are so very busy. My Mum 'retired' to live near us 5 years ago and she is now busier than ever running Pretty Fabrics and Trims with me. Have a lovely weekend! xo


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