20 December 2013

Christmas Holiday Preparations......

So after the Birthday Party, I went in to Christmas mode........out came my favourite Christmas cook books.......

Jamie, Poppy and I baked cookies as Teacher Thank you Gifts.  The recipe came from Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits........
We added a bit of festive packaging, the gorgeous labels, I spotted on Alicia's Blog and are available here are they not just gorgeous!!!

I did a bit of cleaning and found our table......which is normally covered in buttons, ribbons, fabric and all sorts of scrumptiousness...yes I know I do have a sewing room, but I do tend to spread out!!!

The slippers were placed by the front door waiting for the children to come home from their last day at school......

and their PJ's were left warming on the radiator...I don't know about you, but we're planning on having a few Pyjama Day's over the hols!

As I've busied myself, our little Nativity tree has bought a smile to my face.........

and I feel so very excited for the next few days ahead, which if nothing else means, lie ins, leisurely lunches and spending some much needed time together as a family!!  I hope that your Christmas preparations are going well.


  1. All sweet around here!!!!!! so cosy !!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Hi Sarah
    I love your posts ! This one as always is so lovely. LOVE the hanging Nativity and the JimJams warming on the radiator. In my PJ's as I write this and you can't beat it can you !
    Have a lovely Christmas,
    Kate x

  3. It all looks so cosy and warm. I love your touches of putting the slippers by the door and the PJs warming on the radiator - that's lovely. I spotted those brilliant labels on Alicia's blog too, they are just gorgeous. I wish I'd seem them a month ago! You've put them to good use though. x

  4. All your Christmas preparations look lovely, and your home looks so cosy! The labels are gorgeous, what a lovely gift idea!
    Helen x

  5. Christmas cookies, slippers by the door, and pajamas on the radiator ... yep, I think you've got everything covered! We don't have radiators in my house :( but we had them in my elementary country school, and all winter long there was the smell of wet woolen mittens & soggy boots all drying on top of and under the radiator ... life was good ;) Merry Christmas Sarah! Wendy xox


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