15 February 2014

A Ta Dah.....

My little mini quilt is finished.  Each one of the 61 hand sewn Hexagons are all in a different fabric from my much loved Lecien and Atsuko Matsuyama stash (she says bowing head in slight embarrassment that I actually have that many different fabrics!)  As the hexi's are hand sewn it seemed right to hand quilt and I was having embroidery withdrawal symptoms, so I couldn't resist adding the little flowers and french knot details.  My only slight disappointment is the wadding I used, it was a piece left over from my brick quilt and slightly to think for a mini quilt......I do not think I am ever 100% satisfied with something I sew, am I alone in that?

Talking of embroidery, I've started a new pattern...I am really loving coral and orange shades at the moment.....

I just had to share some of the pretties that have arrived this week... this gorgeous collection of fabrics is from the Wee Wander collection by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller.... loving that coral orangey leaf print

we also added this pretty lace to our growing collection, the vintage navy has been extremely popular!

and finally Aunt Grace Minatures, we have been waiting for these since the Autumn.  I've been holding out starting the QAL in anticipation of these arriving, so I had best get started as I am now 3 weeks behind ( don't panic...don't panic!!!)

I hope that you have a lovely crafty weekend and thank you as always for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment, I do so enjoy reading them. 


  1. your little mini quilt is delicious!!!! one all the embroidery details!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale
    happy weekend!

  2. Hello Sarah, I am new to your blog, but I just wanted to say how lovely your mini quilt is, I really like the little embroidery details that you have added, as it makes it more unusual and individual! I look forward to reading along with you in the future. Amy xx

  3. So pretty Sarah, and so carefully done as well.
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  4. Hi Sarah ….. gosh your mini quilt is just beautiful with all those little hexies and the embroidery is just perfect.
    It’s certainly not just you, I’m never quite happy either, it can be very annoying.
    I was in Laura Ashley this morning, lots of pretty peach and coral in there ….. you are so ‘on trend’!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Love Jooles x x x

  5. Oh Sarah, I LOVE your mini quilt! The hand quilting is gorgeous, and those little stitchy details!! Oh I love them soooo much! x

  6. What a gorgeous mini quilt! It's so pretty and I love the way that you've displayed it using washi tape. I have used some of your gorgeous fabrics and linen to create something similar (but not as beautiful - your embroidery is such a lovely addition!). I've only just started quilting and it's so nice to do something almost completely by hand. The new fabrics in the shop this week are sooo tempting and I've got my eye on some of the new florals for some more hexies. Have a lovely weekend. Victoria xx

  7. The mini quilt is so colourful, brightening up that little corner perfectly! Love the embroidery details you've added too. My weekend would be a whole lot better if I got a delivery of fabric such as yours ;) Have fun with your QAL catch-up! Wendy x

  8. Hello Sarah, Your mini quilt is stunning, and looks beautiful in the little corner.
    Your chosen fabrics co-ordinate wonderfully. A large quilt terrifies me, but I like your idea
    of a small one. Oh my word I just LOVE the Aunt Grace fabrics. I have a thing for making pillowcases
    and these fabrics are just perfect.

  9. Hello Sarah the mi I quilt is just perfect. Really love the fabrics- saw them on FB I have to use up some of my stash I have to use up some of my stash - if I say it often enough I wonder if it will work? Anne x

  10. The mini-quilt is perfect, I can't really tell what kind of wadding you used, I only thought how much I liked the fabrics and your embroidery. But you are not alone in being critical of yourself - I am the same and suspect many crafters are.

    Those Aunt Grace Miniatures fabrics are just beautiful. x

  11. The mini quilt is a work of art! I especially love your embroidered details - I could see me doing exactly the same thing! I don't notice the wadding, but I totally understand the 'never satisfied' sentiment...those new lace trims, those new fabric ranges...aaaahhh! Methinks a wall of mini quilts is in order for my hall! ;-) Chrissie x

  12. What a beautiful wall hanging your little hexi quilt has made, I love it! I also love those new fabrics, wow, I want them! I also totally understand about this never being satisfied with one's work Sarah, but then I think that that feeling perhaps gives us the impetus to keep going and challenge ourselves further. Your work is beautiful!I just popped over from Chrissie's place and am so happy I did, thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with us all! Joy x

  13. Gorgeous mini quilt :) keep meaning to try my hand at quilting, a mini I e looks like a great way to start :)
    Jill at emeraldcottage.bligspot.co.uk


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