27 February 2014

Hello Sunshine

The sun has indeed been shining this week and for a brief moment you could be forgiven for thinking Spring is on its way.  The farmer has been making the most in the break in the weather and has been busy in the back fields, watched closely by a flock of gulls.  In the main this week (apart from looking out the window!)  I've been doing lots of behind the scenes work on our website rejigging the Fabric section to make it easier ( hopefully) for you to find what you're looking for.  I've also set up a New Arrivals section as there have certainly been quite a few new additions in the last few weeks, with more exciting ones expected in the next few days......

The new Tilda Spring collections finally arrived, we've been waiting an age!!  Here's some of my favourites from the 'All that is Spring' collection.....it includes a gorgeous the new shade of brown, which is smidge lighter than grey brown from the previous collections and sand, which is a really pretty grey/taupe shade.

I am in love with the new Birds design, .....I've snaffled some of the Pink along with a mini piece of  Sally Brown...oh I do love Pink and Brown together.... I am going to make a bitty bloom brooch as a present for Poppy to take to a Birthday party this weekend.....

The other new collection is called The Summer Fair and combines Blue and Pink, it's shabby chic at its best.  As always the new collections blend with all the previous Tilda collections a treat!

On the ribbon front, the most beautiful selection of wide deckchair ribbons arrived.....

and more Mini Ric Rac in 5 pretty shades......

and we've had notification today that more 1930's prints and the new Country Girls fabrics should be with us very soon....

I've finally made a start on the QAL and I've managed to stitch a couple more Farmers Wife blocks (photo's next time, pinky promise), but I have started a little project. .....I'm making Poppy a small bag that she can carry her ballet pumps or tap shoes to dance lessons.  I though it would be pretty to have a little dancing fairy stitched on the front.......

I've been stitching her, rather slowly, in the evenings.....

Finally, just to say a huge thank you for all your lovely comments on my 'You are so Loved' embroidery, I really appreciate each and everyone.  The embroidery is now available here and here.  I've been thinking recently about your sweet comments and how best to  reply to them..... I would love to hear your opinions on how you reply to comments on your own blogs or how you prefer to receive a reply, when you've left a comment?  Thanks so much!!

Anyway, I had best get stitching, there's a little fairy needing some attention.


  1. Oh my goodness that deckchair ribbon - LOVE! It's all of the best things about an English summer in a long piece of ribbon. I'm trying to think how I could use it...

    I stopped replying to comments on my blog about a year ago maybe - there just wasn't time. Instead I aim to visit the blog of every person who says hello, in a very disorganised and ad hoc fashion. It. Takes. Hours. If someone asks me a direct question I always reply to that. But I never expect a blogger to reply to comments, you could spend so long doing these things that you'd never have anything to blog about! x

  2. Pink and brown is a favourite combo of mine, too - just *too pretty*! I can't wait to see what you make with the fabric, and I'm thinking about just where I can put some here...
    I agree with Gillian about replying - I like visiting other blogs and leaving comments rather than a 'thank you' emailed to everyone. That being said, I do love chatting via email with certain kindred spirits - if someone leaves a comment that actually gives me an opportunity to write about something specific, then it's a great way to make a new bloggy friend! But I always email rather than reply on the blog.
    Ooo I'm excited to see that sweet embroidery for the ballet bag! We have a potential stitched bag business, eh? ;) Chrissie x

  3. Oh so much loveliness Sarah, gorgeous pictures. Love the mini Ric Rac tape it reminds me so much of all the dresses my mum used to make for me and my sister when we were little.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  4. Beautiful goodies Sarah - I want everything !!! lol
    I don't really expect a reply to comments I leave on blogs but do like people to leave a comment on my blog - I think all bloggers like that. I also visit every blogger who leaves me a comment and leave a comment on their blog if possible. ( I've found it difficult to do on some blogs) Hope this helps. Anne x

  5. I love your fabric and ribbon finds and such perfect embroidery x

  6. I'm happy to hear you have had some sunshine - that must be uplifting! I love love those new fabrics, and also like pinks and browns together; your little embroidered bag is going to be beautiful, and the deckchair ribbons are so bright and cheery.
    I reply to each message on my blog individually and also visit each person's blog. I don't know how long I can keep up with the replies as it is so time consuming and uses up a lot of time when I could be crafting, but I do enjoy the interaction with blogger friends. On the other hand though, I am beginning to realise that others' perhaps don't have time to check back for a reply so perhaps I am talking to myself a lot! I just have to see how it all goes over time, but it can become a bit of a dilemma, Sarah!
    Thanks so much for your wonderful post, Joy x

  7. I read this post on the weekend, but when I left a message my computer decided it shouldn't let it go through ... sigh. Now I forget what I said. Anyway, I think the prints are all gorgeous, and if I had all this coming through my door, it would be hard to part with it! The little dancing fairy is so sweet, and I can't wait to see the finished bag. It's always nice to make up these little totes and things for the kids, isn't it? As to comments, I now reply via email to (almost) all comments. I find it's easier, and when I posted this same question, most people either did it this way, or didn't reply at all to comments, just visited the commenting bloggers blog instead. I don't get a huge volume, so it's manageable this way. I probably wouldn't reply to comments at all if I was getting 30 or 40 comments each post! Almost everyone agreed that they never came back to a blog to see if the blogger had replied to the comment (so I stopped replying to comments directly on my blog). However, I do like the chats that can evolve from replying to comments, so I continue to reply. Hope this helps :) Wendy x


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