3 March 2014

A bit of this and a bit of that.....

This weekend I made Poppy a blouse.  I bought this pattern a couple of weeks ago, it's great as it has the blouse, a dress, a little vest top, shorts, and trouser all included, making it great value for money.  It's also really pretty and in my opinion perfect attire for a 6 year old.....I do feel quite strongly about how Poppy dresses, personally I want her to look like a 6 year old rather than a mini adult...call me old fashioned!

I hadn't planned on dress making this weekend, however on Friday a big box arrived.  Inside were the most delightful fabrics by Tasha Noel.....

The fabrics are mix of her brand new collection Country Girls, plus some from her Little Red Riding Hood collection.......I have been a huge fan of Tasha's fabrics for quite a few years and I have a much coveted fat quarter piece of her original Red Riding Hood fabric that she designed via Spoonflower...maybe, just maybe I can bring myself to cut in to it, now that I have these gorgeous ones to play with too!  It was too much temptation, so out came the pattern and off I went.......

A little confession, I had planned on simply hemming the blouse, however when Poppy tried the top on, it was a little short......hangs head in shame for not checking the finished garment measurements against her before starting...... however the mini crisis was soon averted with the addition of a bit of lace, ribbon and pretty bow.

On Saturday, I also made this rosette, which Poppy took as a gift to a friends birthday party on Saturday afternoon....nothing like leaving it to the last minute......

...... and as promised in my last post, here are my latest Farmers Wife Blocks.  I am so enjoying making these.......the most time consuming bit I've found is choosing the fabrics for each block, this takes an age, slightly more complicated as I am also attempting not to use the same fabric in more than one block.......

Block No 48 ~ Homeward Bound 

Block No 84 ~ Spool

Block No 34 Flock

Block No 21 ~ Contrary Wife

Block No 70 ~ Prairie Queen

Block No 61 ~ Northern Lights
Finally, thank you so much for your opinions on my last post re comments..... they're really helpful!


  1. Love the pink and yellow fabrics - so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a gorgeous little top! I feel the same about you as children dressing like children. I love making dresses for my niece. I have been eyeing up all your gorgeous new fabric and feel a purchase on the horizon for a quilt along I'm planning witha friend and also some Easter projects. Your quilt blocks are gorgeous and my favourite is Northern Lights, such a pretty fabric combination. Victoria x

  3. I adore the dress, sooo sweet and I quite ageee with you about children looking like children :). Love the fabric too, I have been trying to design sole today with my illustrations! Catherine x

  4. A real visual treat of sewing goodness today! Love the little top! Funny I was just thinking today of a dress I made for my daughter when she was about 7 and she wore it for picture day at school. It was a rather old-fashioned dress, but I liked it, and most importantly my daughter liked it. When my SIL saw the photo she scorned me for dressing her in such an old-fashioned dress!! I'm glad there are still people like me who like to see little girls dressed in something sweet, and not something "slinky". My daughter still likes dressing "nicely" and not in anything that would make people think differently about her ;) (she's 20). I don't think this is "old fashioned" it's just plain nice! Your quilt squares are so pretty, and all together they're going to make a wonderful quilt. Wendy x

  5. What a pretty top, I think the ribbon and lace is the crowning glory, it was obviously meant to be! I too like to see little girls dressed as just that too.
    I'd love to have a go at dressmaking but it feels so scary!
    I'm swooning over your new fabrics ..... so gorgeous and your blocks are beautiful, it will be amazing to see them all together in the end.
    love Jooles x x x

  6. you are absolutely right to dress you daughter her age. I know someone who when he was an older teenager (18) saw a cute girl provocatively dressed walk into the fast food joint he was eating in. She eventually turned around and he was horrified and sickened to realize this girl was probably 12. (much older than your daughter) He was so scarred he told me this years after it happened. He felt like a sicko but he had no idea the girl was so young because of the way she was dressed (a woman might have been able to tell but men young men aren't that swift). I remember that every time I consider an outfit for my daughter. I want her to be her age and enjoy all the wonderful things about it. It's good to start dressing appropriately from the beginning. Poppy is blessed to have you to help her do that. Beautiful top.

  7. A lovely top and you are so right about children dressing as children. I'm so glad that my D.I.L. feels the same about my granddaughters. I used to be horrified at sme of the 'outfits' girls at the school I taught at would wear to the Christmas party etc .
    The rosette is very sweet and your blocks are super. Anne x

  8. I love Poppy's new dress, it's sweet, especially with the trim, and I agree with your take on appropriate dressing for our sweet little innocents!
    Your blocks are great Sarah, such a wonderful variety of colour and style and the rosette is pretty pretty - such a lovely gift to give and receive! Joy x

  9. The little top is gorgeous...I love the fabric just stunning. I agree with you, children should dress as children!
    Marianne x

  10. Your sewing just amazes me! The top is just perfect, I dress my girls as girls too, not teens...and those fabrics! Eeeee! I'd have a top in each one...I do love your squares, so interesting seeing all the different blocks and fabrics. Chrissie x

  11. That top is utterly gorgeous. I am in full agreement about what little girls should or shouldn't wear - my daughter is 7 and now has moved from the pre-school up to 6 or 7 ranges of clothing into the 7 to 11 ranges, which seem to be aimed much more at the pre-teen market. Gone are the sweet tops and dresses, it's all sequins and sparkles. My taste is more traditional I'm afraid... We'd never have known the top was too short - I thought the lace trim was just your usual attention to detail! x


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