7 March 2014

A gaggle of geese.....

.......but most definitely not of the honking kind.

 I have finally started my very first Quilt A-Long....although in truth, I should probably call it an 'Almost' Quilt A-Long as I am quite a few weeks behind everyone else.....however  better late than never....hummm I think I said that about my Farmers Wife Quilt...oh well!

The first task was to cut up all your fabric for the quilt top. I'm making the 3 x3 block which will finish up 54" square....a perfect lap quilt to live on the sofa in my kitchen.  I'm using prints from the Aunt Grace Miniatures collection and for the background a vintage cotton sheet.   This is the first time I have ever cut up all my fabric for a quilting project in one go, I'm normally a cut as you go girl!  There was however something very satisfying I must say, once I had my stacks of little squares all piled up.

It was then time to get stitching.   The best part of participating in this QAL is to learn new skills and straight away I have learnt how to make No Waste Flying Geese.  Obviously... I am already dreaming up projects where I can use these again........ At this point I must say a huge thank you to Melissa who is running the QAL and so generously sharing her knowledge!

After a couple of hours I ended up with 72 little blocks......

......can you tell I'm rather chuffed with these little beauties...... I love the scale of these prints, so pretty!

The next task is Half Square Triangles AND I get to do some colouring....does it get any better than that!!



  1. So lovely Sarah, I'm not surprised you're more than a little proud. Don't they look pretty all laid out together ?
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  2. I've tried that 'no waste' technique, it takes a bit of getting used to, doesn't it? But it's good to try different ways of doing these things, as it stretches our experience and hey, basically it's just fun :-)

  3. I am so glad you have joined in on the fun Sarah!!! Your fabrics are so fun!! They are going to make such a fun quilt!!! And your Geese, amazing!!! All your points are so very perfect, great job!!! Have fun with those Half Square Triangles and again, so glad to have you along!

  4. The different fabrics look really lovey together Sarah, and I am so impressed with how organised you are cutting everything out before you start. I imagine that I would be cut as you go as that is what I tend to do with most any sewing that I do! I look forward to seeing more as you progress. xx

  5. so lovely to look at these little blocks!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  6. So many pretty little patterns, I love them offset with the white, and there is something so deeply satisfying about rows of patchwork! I look forward to seeing more! Chrissie x

  7. Those prints are so pretty, and the blocks so cute. Looking forward to seeing more!!

  8. Beautiful fabrics, just the right scale and balance of pattern. And I love the triangles. It's going to be lovely. x

  9. These fabrics are just gorgeous! It gives me heart to hear that, after all the cutting of squares (that must have taken quite a while!) after a few hours you ended up with loads of blocks ready to go!
    Must look out for some similar fabrics, I did just buy some moda pre-cut squares with a 30s theme (for a 30s feedsack style quilt ) in similar small scale prints which I adore.
    Gill xx


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