11 March 2014

A Ta Dah..........

Did you hear me squeal last night........well it was probably more of a sigh of relief.  Back in the summer I took a bag of yarn on holiday and with the help of mum learnt to crochet.  As my first project I decided, why not make a blanket......I returned from holiday and carried on making the squares.  My bag of crochet came on several days out and as the Autumn evenings turned cooler, my little pile grew, until whoosh, one night I felt totally overwhelmed.......a blanket was I mad, at the speed I was going it would take years to complete..... so faced with this enormous task, I did what every sensible person does.... packed it up and put it away.  Every now and then I would take a peek inside the bag and touch the lovely soft cotton and then I would zip it up and forget all about it.

Weeks turned in to months until Friday night, I unzipped the bag, actually took the squares out, lay them on the floor and all of a sudden I knew what to do......I needed to have a finished project, something that could be easily and quickly achieved...a scarf...no, a cowl.  So this weekend I set too sewing the squares together, there's no set pattern, I simply picked the best and most even of what I had made and made sure that the same colour didn't touch.   I then added a pretty scallop border which I found HERE and Ta Dah....my first ever completed crochet project.........

It's bright and colourful and has made me very happy indeed..........oh yes!!

 From what I have left......this little stack of squares will at some point become another scarf or cowl ......

........but remaining squares, the ones where the tension was a bit a rubbish, I am going to pull them apart and have a go at making something like this cushion (it's from an old edition of Molly Makes)

and Amy has also written a fabulous tutorial for some wrist warmers that I'm going to attempt......but just because, here's one last photo..........

Thank you as always for visiting me here and for your kind comments ( please go easy on me this time and don't look to closely at the squares!)
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  1. But of course I'm looking closely at the squares because this is gorgeous!! I don't crochet, so I wouldn't know if I saw a mistake or not ;) Really, this is SO nice and the yarn looks so soft and the pattern so airy. Love the scalloped border too. You did a great job with your first project. I've been ripping out knitting projects that I know will go nowhere. I hate bits and pieces lying around, so will rework them into something another time ... right now the tidy balls of yarn are good enough. Enjoy your day! Wendy x

  2. BRAVA Sarah!!!!!! Yuppie!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. Clever, clever you Sarah ! Its so gorgeous and quite amazing considering its your first crochet project. No wonder you're so happy.
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  4. Congratulations!
    Just beautiful and gosh it looks perfect to me Sarah, you'd never know that it was your first project.
    I made a blanket last year, it was fun in the beginning but boy by the end it was like pulling teeth ..... very painful indeed, I wish I had had your brainwave.
    love Jooles x x x

  5. I love this, but even more I love your gaggle of geese in your last post! I almost squealed too when I saw how pretty they were! Beautiful! xCathy

  6. It's beautiful!! So clever of you.

  7. Oh! It's beautiful! A fabulous first project, you should be really proud! Well done and welcome to crochet!! xx

  8. Thank you for the mention, you are so kind. Your cowl is beautiful - really, I really mean it, beautiful!! I love the edging that you did and the combination of colours you chose, as well of course as the skill in your actual crochet. You did a really good job!! I am sure that you will work out what else to do with your squares and I expect that they would make a lovely cushion! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! xx

  9. Hi Sarah it was lovely to read your post today, what a wonderful job you made of your crochet, it is just stunning. Am really looking forward to keeping up to date with your all your news Sarah. Have a wonderful week and weekend. Big hugs

  10. Oh Sarah, I really really love love everything about this!!! What a fantastic outcome for those gorgeous grannies, you did a beautiful job and I am really impressed! Be proud m'dear, you deserve to be!
    So now we can look forward to seeing a beautiful cushion as well - full speed ahead, and enjoy!
    Joy xo

  11. Your cowl is gorgeous, Sarah! Until you mentioned it I didn't actually realise you were a fairly new crocheter! It's a good idea to make lots of smaller projects......the cushion will be lovely too.
    Enjoy your making!
    Helen xxx

  12. Are you kidding me!?! Your FIRST crochet? Congratulations, it is absolutely wonderful! Gosh, I should show you my first crochet - a very wonky dishcloth. You should be mighty proud! Promise you'll link this up to the CAL on my blog tomorrow, big hugs and a pat on the back, Chrissie x

  13. So Beautiful! I love the colours used, just perfect.

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa x

  14. It's really lovely. You'd never guess you were a beginner from this pattern, it's very neat! I love the colours. It's funny you should mention that cushion in that old edition of MM - that was my first ever crochet project, and it was seeing that lovely cushion in the magazine that galvanised me into finally booking a place on a learn to crochet course, two years ago. I really enjoyed making it, it's very straightforward. It's here, if you're interested...

    Happy crocheting! x

  15. Oh this is absolutely beautiful!!! The yarn and the colours you have used make it look perfect!!

  16. Well look at that, it is perfect. i found your lovely blog through Chrissie. Take a peek at Three Stories High if you like, you are very welcome. Jo x

    1. Hi Jo...I just took a peek and I love it....thanks so much for your kind comment!! Sarah xo

  17. Well, I must say, for your first finished crochet project, it is really very pretty. Nice photos too. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. It's beautiful Sarah, you would never guess it was your first project! :)
    V x

  19. I absolutely love your cowl! It looks great and the colors are beautiful! Great job!!

  20. wow what a beautiful job!! i love the colors you chose.

  21. Hi Sarah! I just found your blog, because I came across a photo of your cowl! It is simply amazing! Well done! I love your colourway, so pretty. Am I guessing right that you used 12 squares? How large is the cowl? I was thinking of making something similar from granny squares, just never sure how 'tall' a cowl should be?!!
    I added you to my blog list!!!
    Feel free to take a look at mine, I write about crochet, knitting and more! (see below)
    Interested in what you are going to make with the remaining squares....
    Ingrid xx


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