15 March 2014

A mini makeover.......

Like many families working on quite a tight budget, clothes don't rank highly in our priorities, helped by the fact that Andy wears a uniform and working for myself, I generally live in jeans and cardi's.  The biggest clothing expense that we have though is school uniforms.  Like many therefore, when I can pick up a bargain in the sale I tend to stock up on larger sizes for future school years.  A good plan you would think..... except when the school changes its uniform and we went from navy blue to royal blue....blow!!  

This sweet cardi was luckily the only casualty and at £2 in the sale not a problem.  It's rather lovely in its own right and being cotton is so soft, I decided though that a little bit of pimping up might be in order.......... so I grabbed some ribbon and buttons and spent half an hour stitching and I was done .........
..I think she likes it..... it cheered her up when she returned home from a scoot with a cut knee.....

Next on the agenda to be pimped up, a thrifted cord skirt.  Thank you so much for all you lovely comments on my cowl...I'm inspired and it has to be said hooked... more granny squares are already in progress... and just look what Mum gave me yesterday....her stash of cotton yarn.....oh lucky lucky me....Mum's really are the best!!

Have a lovely weekend what ever you are up to.


  1. Isn't it amazing what a difference a little bit of time and some cute little trimmings can make; creativity working well there, Sarah! And yes, you are very fortunate indeed to have been on the receiving end of those fab new yarns - I wish you happy hooking! Joy xo

  2. Brilliant cardi! I'd be tempted to do that with the school uniform, they're just so dull... ;-) That is a yummy basket of yarn you have there, lucky lady! I can't wait to see what you hook up next! Chrissie x

  3. So pretty Sarah and it looks like you paid a fortune for it from a posh shop now rather than just £2!
    I bet your little girl will never want to take it off :o)
    You have such a lovely Mum, how generous of her.
    love Jooles x x x

  4. What a brilliant bit of upcyling it looks fab!


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