30 March 2014

A Pretty Felt Bow Brooch Tutorial

I thought I would share a really quick and easy project with you.  Mum mentioned last year when I was busy making hair clips for Poppy's party that she would love a version as a brooch.  Great idea I thought.... so here's what I made as a gift for her for Mothers day.

To start off with, you'll need to print off the pattern.  To do so, highlight the picture below, then 'Right' click on your mouse, then select 'Open in a new window' and then print using the keys 'CTRL' and 'P'.  Please feel free to re-size the pattern should you wish.

Let's get started........ 

A little note on felt...there are many types of felt available.......acrylic felt, wool felt, soft wool/synthetic blend felt, however my personal preference is for a wool/rayon blend felt.

Stitch through all the layers, to create the main bow.
Now we're moving on to the loop...

Just a little note...make sure that your stitches go through the loop and the back of the bow only, you do not want to see them from the front.
The stitches securing the brooch pin will hold the tail neatly in position.
As you did before, make sure these stitches go through the tail and the back of the bow, you do not want to see them from the front......  (sorry I know I'm repeating myself!)

.....and that's it you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and feel tempted to give it a go......let me know how you get on and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  Right I'm off to make one for myself and to eat the chocolates Poppy and Jamie got me for Mothers Day.  I hope that if you're a Mum you too have had a lovely day!


  1. I adore your bow brooch - thank you for the tutorial and I love all of the new supplies in your shop I am very tempted to order one of everything. I adore the wooden made with love buttons x

  2. This is so cute Sarah - I love it ! Thank you for sharing it, and thank you for all your lovely comments about my post today.
    Hope you have had a lovely Mothers day,
    Kate x

  3. Lovely Sarah this is so pretty and cute and I can see me making loads of these from your fabulous tutorial. It is such a perfect project for Mother's Day, hope you had a wonderful time. Sending you lots of loves and hugs

  4. Beautiful Sarah!! You are so clever at this sort of thing! It would make a great present for all kinds of occasions - or just for fun to wear in any case!! xx

  5. so sweet!!!!!
    thank you!
    xxxxxx Ale

  6. It's so pretty, thank you for sharing this idea with us. Lovely, clear tutorial too! x

  7. Oh I love this! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tutorial...I will definitely be making one or more of these!
    Marianne x


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