1 April 2014

Work in progress

My little stack of grannies is surely and steadily growing and I now have enough for the front of my cushion cover..whoop whoop!!  I've made a start on the back, I'm going for one big Granny...how much fun are they to make.  

I've been asked a couple of times about the yarn that I using...it's  Drops Muskat and it is so lovely and soft.  I do love cotton, but I have to say it was a bit of a challenge initially as I found that it did split quite easily, but I'm finding the more experienced that I am getting, the less I am doing this.

It does come in a gorgeous range of colours as you can see here and whoops..some more just happened to find their way in to my shopping basket last night...I really must show some constraint I think!  Whilst I wait for it to arrive, let me share a few more pictures with you......

Let me introduce you to Mr Collared Dove.... yes I know that is not very exciting........

however look....can you see......

....... we also have Mrs Collared Dove and they have been very busy and industriously building a nest in the tree at the bottom of our garden......



  1. Your squares look lovely Sarah!! I really like your colour combinations. I hope that Mr and Mrs Dove appreciate the nesting material that you have supplied!!! xx

  2. I love your pretty stack of grannies, that is going to be one beautiful cushion!
    Mr and Mrs Collared dove's nest with be the envy of the town!
    love Jooles x x x

  3. Oh I do love upcycling my yarn ends with the birdies! They look very lovely in your garden...and the cushion is coming along a treat! Chrissie x

  4. hello! oh it's lovely, I taught myself crochet last year and managed 2 big granny squares...I need to get back into it but have now forgotten how to start haha! Good thing we have You Tube :)

  5. Love the crocheted work. We have very similar doves (mourning doves), but they are the laziest nest builders around. Two or three sticks in the crook of a tree and they're done! Sometimes they lose the entire nest to a strong wind. I do like the doves though, and we have quite a few in our yard. Wendy x

  6. Beautiful photos of the dove. Your crochet looks great x


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