10 April 2014

A pretty pastel Ta Dah.......

Now I know that I have what feels like a million WIP's in progress at the moment, however, I simply could not resist the temptation to join Chrissie Crafts and Lazy Daisy Jones Mand-a-Long.  I did so with some trepidation, my crochet to date has simply been Granny Squares, all be it I am mighty chuffed with my Grannies, this would mean following a pattern....gulp!!  

I chose Winks 12 round Mandala, although as a newbie I did find it a challenge...I certainly couldn't master a magic circle, although Chrissie thankfully gave some words of encouragement and I started mine with a chain circle.

There are also some holes where I've started/finished a round....however for my third ever piece of crochet, all in all I am very happy and can not wait to pick up my hook again....I've a cushion to finish!

Meanwhile, the Easter holidays are now in full swing, which means balancing family fun time with work....the weather has been helping and it would seem that Spring has sprung.......
 Back soon!

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  1. Oh Sarah, your mandala is truly scrumptious! Well done! I can't believe this is only your third crochet project - your tension is so even, everything looks so neat and tidy, you are a star! The colours are so pretty, they just sing springtime! Chrissie xxx

  2. Gorgeous Sarah - and so funny because this is the exact same pattern I have put to one side for the day I get to make my first mandala. I really like the simplicity of the pattern . I love it in the colours you have chosen.
    Kate x

  3. Very pretty! I like the solid centre of this mandala - lends itself to a multitude of uses (and size adaptation)

  4. It is quite lovely Sarah. I attempted to practise following a pattern this week. I need more practise ! :-) It was a bootee for a baby. I have enjoyed your lovely Spring post. Have fun with your family. Anne x

  5. Love, love, love it! Well done, it's beautiful - I now have a distinct case of mandala envy!
    Happy weekend, enjoy the sunshine

  6. What a beautiful mandala, those soft colours are so pretty.


  7. An extremely beautiful mandala. My hat off to you, it looks so professional for a third project!

  8. Beautiful Sarah!!!! You should be so very proud of your third ever piece of crochet! Love the colour choices as well. xx

  9. Well done. It is so pretty! Your spring colors make me very happy!!

  10. If that's your third piece of crochet, then well done you - I think it's fab! I also love your photos. I've been at the crochet thing a bit longer (but not much). Here are my Mandalas - I followed your link on Chrissie's website. Jane


  11. Such beautiful colours! Please could you tell me what yarn you used?
    Many thanks,
    Tracey xx


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