3 May 2014

A little gift

Thanks so much for all your lovely and encouraging comments on my last post.  I know that I am very lucky...... not only am I blessed with the most fabulous family, I truly love my role as a mum, I also have a dream job!  Like many of you crafting comes after all of this, but it is equally a huge...massive part of my life.  I do not think there are many days that pass when I do not do something creative, whether that be embroidery, sketching, sewing or crochet....not wishing to sound selfish, it is something that I need to do for me.... it's my time and it's what keeps me happy and sane..... oh yes indeedy!

This week my precious crafting time has all been about this little quilt.  Mum mentioned that she would like a little lap quilt, something just big enough to place over her knees on an evening (and not smother Dad!!) ...... she suffers with arthritis and at the end of a busy day keeping her joints warm, alleviates some of the pain.  I had some  3" squares left from my Aunt Grace quilt and rather fortuitously we took delivery this week of a couple more bolts of fabrics from the Grandma's Garden collection...the two on the left.........   

Obviously I could not resist (can you blame me!!) and snaffled some for my stash.... I set to cutting out some more 3" squares and pierced together a simple square block to which I added some low volume borders.  Then, whilst catching up on some recorded Endeavours...just as good as Morse and Lewis in my book.....I've been hand quilting......... 

I've just about finished and then I've got plans for something a little special before I bind it...watch this space.......

Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. All so beautiful Sarah, such gorgeous prints and colours. Makes me want to make a quilt but I wouldn't know where to begin !
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  2. Your quilt is looking lovely, I look forward to seeing the finished article. I don't know how you manage to chose fabrics when you are surrounded by so many beautiful ones! xx

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2014

    Oh such beautiful fabric!!!! Makes me smile!!

  4. I am fascinated by the photos of the pairs of fabric, yet when they're all together they take on such a different 'mood' - so interesting! Your little qlt for mum is shaping up to be very special indeed...enjoy the bank holiday! I'm off to see if I can find a simple pattern for those Country Girl fabrics... ;-) Chrissie x

  5. Love, love, love!!!! All so pretty and I love that you are making the quilt for your mum. How big do you make your lap quilt? Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Anne x

  6. You have the best selection of fabrics, Sarah, and your Mum is going to be thrilled with her beautiful lap quilt - yet another gorgeous selection put together so beautifully! Happy week to you, Joy xo


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