30 November 2016

A little happy Tutorial ~ Christmas Stocking Garland

Remember those sweet little Christmas Stocking from the Merry Christmas Mini Quilt?.......well, when I was stitching the red ones for the Sew Along, I started thinking how sweet a Christmas Stocking Garland would be.  So in complete denial of all my current works in progress, I decided last Friday what my precious weekend stitching time would be taken up making!  Oh what a lovely I had....here's the result.......

It's a very simple affair, 5 felt stockings embellished with hand stitches (spaced at 6" intervals) and buttons, rusty tin bells, ribbons and lace (aprox 6" lengths), all simply tied with bakers twine on to some rustic hemp twine.  I chose a Scandi themed colour scheme to fit with my Christmas decor, oh but the possibilities....I'm thinking a sugary pastel affair (think sugar plum fairy!) would look gorgeous in Poppy's room and obviously a red and white version would be perfect...or maybe cool blue's and whites............

If you would like to make one, you can find the free pattern and instructions for stitching the felt stockings HERE.  Please do feel free to resize and add as much or as little extra decorations as you wish....I bet you'll make some really pretty versions!  Oh and don't forget, if you share on social media, please use the hashtag #alittlehappytutorial so that I can take a peek!   
I shared a little snippet of the finished garland on Instagram the other evening and I was asked if this one was going to make it's way to the shop..........hummmm I know it's early in our house for Christmas decorations, but I think I kind of like it hanging on my living room door...so we'll see....

Happy Stitches!

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