29 November 2018

A little happy tutorial ~ Rainbow Kisses Quilt Part 2

Today, I'm sharing the second instalment of the 'a little happy' tutorial for the Rainbow Kisses Quilt.  You can read all about this pretty quilt and find step one HERE.  Hopefully you've all been busy and enjoying making your 9 patch units.  Today I'll be sharing the templates and instructions for the centre applique panel.

Before sharing the pattern, here are some notes that may assist you.  I am using the Freezer Paper method of applique, you can read all about this method HERE.  Feel free however, to use your own preferred method, for example, interfacing method or raw edge applique.  Remember the Applique Templates are the finished size and do not include seam allowances.  

Here's a reminder of the quilt that we're making.......

BEFORE STARTING Always Remember to:

1. Read all instructions before you begin.
2. RST means right sides together.
3. All seam allowances are  1/4”.
4. FWOF means width of fabric.
5. If you need help, please do get in touch!

So to start, you will need to print THIS SHEET, which includes the applique templates.  You'll also need to gather your applique supplies for your chosen method, threads (I'm using Aurifil 80wt thread with a Clover Black/Gold applique/sharp needle) and of course your pretty fabrics.

Rather than going to scrappy for this element of the quilt, I've chosen three shades of green for the leaves and stems, and two different fabrics in red, yellow, blue and purple for each flower.  You could of course be as colourful and scrappy as you wish!  The background fabric I've used is Bella Solid in Off White.


  • From the background fabric cut (1) 24" square
  • From the stem fabric cut (4) 5/8" x 10" rectangles

For the appliques, prepare in your chosen method:
  • From each of (4) fabrics prepare (1) centre petal 
  • From each of (4) fabrics prepare (1) left petal and (1) right petal 
  • From each of (2) fabrics prepare (4) left leaves and (4) right leaves 

PIECING INSTRUCTIONS....Let’s get stitching!

First off prepare your background fabric.   Fold the square on the diagonal from corner to corner and finger crease the fold.  Repeat on the opposite diagonal.  Please note: This will be trimmed to 23" once you have appliqued the flowers.  You can if you wish draw the 23" square on the fabric, taking care to keep it centred. 

Next prepare 4 stems, then trim these to 9 1/2" long.  I used a Clover 1/4" Bias Maker.....for a detailed 'a little happy' tutorial click HERE.  Please note for the Rainbow Kisses quilt the stems are straight, therefore unlike those in the tutorial, it does not need to be cut on the bias.

Position and applique* the stems on the diagonal, using the crease marks on the background fabric as a guide.  Tuck under the raw edge nearest the centre and once appliqued the stem should be positioned 2" from centre.  You don't need to worry about tucking under the raw edge at the other end as it will be concealed under the flower.

Remember for a neat finish, colour match your thread to the applique fabric rather than the background fabric.

Using the photo below as a guide, you can now position and applique the leaves and flowers.

For the flowers, first applique the centre petal, then the left hand petal and finally the right hand petal.

For the leaves, I chose to overlap the stems, but you could position them either side if you prefer. 

Once everything has been appliqued, trim the background fabric to 23" square, taking care to keep your appliques centred.

The next instalment of the Rainbow Kisses quilt will be in January 2019, when I'll be sharing the instructions for the grey border and putting it all together.  I'll also be thinking about quilting ideas.  

Wishing you as always, lots of happy stitches!

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