25 March 2020



It's been a very strange week as we adapt to the new normal.  Andy is still at work as his job is on the key worker list.  At home, our first week of home schooling is now nearly half way through.  I sat down last weekend and drew up what I thought could be a realistic timetable that we would be able to stick with.  I've gone for 5 half hour lesson slots, my theory being that if they were in a class room setting, there would be more mental breaks than studying solo.  I felt half an hour was a reasonable expectation and so far it has gone ok.  For Poppy we're pretty much sticking to her school timetable, we have 'form' at 8:45 each morning and she has set herself up with a notebook to write down her tasks and ring binder for all her work (I could squeeze her at times!!). She also gave us a form number 7S (Year 7 Sleaford) and then my initials, which is how it is done ordinarily at school.  The only small hiccup we've encountered so far is the demand for my laptop, as obviously I am still trying to work as much as possible.  We've got around this by switching lessons around a little bit and printing of some worksheets. 

For Jamie, who should have been taking his GCSEs, we're doing maths and reading everyday plus General Studies.  The principal being to keep his brain cells ticking and to choose things that are relevant to what he plans on doing in the future plus some things that will be useful in adulthood and some things that just fun to do.  So far this week, he has been creating a fact file on the RAF from it's inauguration to the beginning of WW2.  This has involved research and drawing.  Today his topic is to come with a small business idea, to think about what he' going to sell, his target audience / his USP and create a logo.  Tomorrow, he's going to pick a country to hypothetically visit, to research it and plan a 2 week sight seeing holiday.

In the afternoons, they've been doing Domestic Science, so a little housework, they cleaned the inside of my car yesterday, their own rooms and today Jamie is cooking Chilli Con Carne.  Poppy wanted to learn some embroidery stitches, so on Sunday I designed a cute Rainbow Sampler for her and transferred it (LIKE THIS) on to a piece of linen.  She going to learn Back Stitch, Running Stitch, Cross Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Seed Stitch, Straight Stitch, French Knots and Satin Stitch (on the cheeks of the clouds).  I'm hoping it's going to take some time to do, as it would appear that home schooling is in for the long haul!  I thought I would spread a little happiness in every stitch during this challenging period of time, so if you have a home schooler who would also like to embroider one or even colour it in and pop it in your window to be 'spotted', I've made it available for you to DOWNLOAD HERE during the COVID19 STAY AT HOME period.  I've drawn on the stitches that Poppy is going to do, but of course, please feel free to change these to more challenging or easier stitches as you feel appropriate.  All in all, I've been super proud of how they've just cracked on with Home School...fingers crossed it continues!

Following on from my previous two blog posts, I am so thrilled that so many people have joined me and have started their own 'Sew A Little Happiness Everyday' samplers, it has been such a joy to see this.  I have loved planning and sewing my little blocks each day.  Please remember when you're sharing your photo's to use the hashtag, so that other people will see it and join in too:


For Pretty Fabrics and Trims, as I type, the Government guidelines are, that online business should and is encouraged to carry on.  As a small family business, we are trying to do our very best for both our customers, but also balance our own family wellbeing.  At present, this means that we are still posting website orders and block of the month parcels, it is however sensible and the right thing to do, to reduce the number of visits that we make to both our workshop and the Post Office, so that we can stay at home as much as possible.  We are now working separately to keep our two family units apart, there are lots and lots of phone calls..let me tell you and bags pf parcels being left by the door.  We're using postage stamps where possible, so we can simply post in a letterbox whilst doing our daily exercise.  We use the 'Drop and Go' facility at the Post Office for the other items, but now on a far less frequent basis than normal, so please do allow longer for your parcels to arrive.  We are very conscious that many of you have recurring payments set up to us and we do not want to let anyone down.  We are obviously however, watching the daily briefings like a hawk and will tackle any hurdles as and when they happen to the best of our ability, whilst adhering to the advice that is given. 

Wishing you all good health and happy stitches
Sarah xo


  1. Your daily sewing piece is so pretty. x

  2. You sound like you have a great home school system all worked out. Well done! Thank you for your generosity in offering the rainbow embroidery here. Poppy is coming along beautifully with hers. IMy little miss struggles to hold crayons or pencils but we might try to colour a rainbow today as part of our 'home school' fine motor skill practice.

  3. Sarah, you are doing more than you know to help keep us inspired.... thank you x

  4. Being far from you (Brazil), all I can do is drool over your kits. I'm gathering things for my sampler. Can't wait to start. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


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